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   Chapter 500 Courting Death!

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All of a sudden, Adam stood up from the ground like a lunatic, rushed to Crystal and reached out to pinch Crystal's neck.

But he was suddenly stopped by a black figure. He lifted his leg and kicked him away as far as he could.

"Go to hell!"

Douglas gritted his teeth and said!

Adam passed out because of the kick.

Crystal glanced at Adam and Sheena, who had fainted, and ordered, "Douglas, go and drag these two people back to Abbott's room!"

Douglas nodded, "Yes, Ms. Crystal!"

Then, Douglas walked up to Adam and grabbed Adam] and Sheena. He was strong enough to lift them. It looked as if he was lifting little chicken.

Shawn was stunned. He really wanted to ask, "Is this guy a human?" He was a real strong man!

Crystal said to Douglas' back, "remember to disguise them as if they had sex after they were drunken. They'd better wake up tomorrow morning!"

Douglas turned his head and replied respectfully, "Yes, Ms. Crystal. I understand!"

After he left, Crystal felt a little tired.

She leaned against the sofa lazily. At this time, Shawn walked forward and said, "Ms. Crystal, you can't work too hard. You still need to take good care of yourself, or your body will be worse and worse!"

Crystal was taking a rest with her eyes closed. Without opening her eyes, she said, "Okay, I know! Anything else? "

Shawn cleared his throat and continued, "Ms. Crystal, I'm not blaming you. You're a woman. At least you should know to protect yourself. Look at you now. Do you want to live in the future? Ms. Crystal, listen to me. You should rest and eat. Don't ignore your own body.

I do experienced a lot. Let me tell you. Although you don't think it's a big deal now, once you get old, the pain will come. You have to take it seriously... "

The more Shawn said, the mor

cancer and would die in a few days.

How could Crystal care so much about a dying man!

Lying on the bed, Crystal felt relieved, because today was her wedding with Edgar.

Standing outside the living room, Toby, Daniel and Shawn stared at each other. Then, Toby and Daniel rubbed their hands at the same time and laughed!

Seeing the movements of Toby and Daniel, Shawn's pomum adami bobbed. He subconsciously stepped back and asked, "What are you doing? It's none of my business. It's all Edgar's fault... "

"Ah! Be gentle. I'm an old man. Do you have any sense of shame to bully me? Ah! Ah! My shoulder Oh, my God! Please! I... No, that's my treasure! Oh my God! You are fucking too cruel

At the same time, in another hotel, Edgar was sitting on the sofa and asked impatiently, "Charlie, aren't you going to tell me what happened to my father in the past? Tell me, I'm listening! "

Sitting opposite to [浩宇], [晨意] held a glass of expensive wine with his slender fingers. He shook it back and forth and smiled, "what's the rush? Would you like to have a drink with me? "

Hearing that, Edgar stood up, turned around and left. "Since you have nothing to say, why should I waste my time here?"

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