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   Chapter 499 Want To Die Together!

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The man came in and quickly put down the first aid kit. Then he walked up to Crystal and asked, "Master, are you okay? Let me have a look!"

While speaking, the man reached out his hand to grab Crystal's wrist, trying to feel Crystal's pulse!

However, he was cleverly avoided by Crystal.

Crystal shook her head and said, "I'm fine! Shawn, is there any medicine that can make people forget things? "

Shawn was stunned. Then he suddenly turned his head and glared at Daniel behind him.

Looking into his sharp eyes, Daniel rubbed his nose with guilt. He didn't say anything...

Shawn scolded Daniel severely. Didn't he say that Ms. Crystal was seriously ill? It was said that their master was about to...!

Was... it serious? He had raced all the way here! It would scare him to death!

Crystal raised her head slightly and saw that Shawn was absent-minded. She frowned and asked, "I'm asking you! What are you thinking about? "

Shawn smiled awkwardly and said, "Oh, nothing. It's okay. Well... Ms. Crystal, What did you just say? "

Crystal's mouth twitched. Was this old man deaf?

"Do you have any medicine that can make people lose their memory?"

Shawn shook his head and said, "No, there's never such medicine in the world. If there is, it's just a way of deceiving oneself. Maybe, when a person's head is hit, he may lose his memory temporarily, which is only because the blood clot in his brain hasn't been eliminated. It can only be temporary. As for what medicine can make people lose the memory, I haven't figured it out yet! "

After thinking for a while, Crystal continued, "Since there is no such medicine, is there any way to make someone forget what happened in the past?"

After thinking for a while, Shawn said, "yes, there is, but this medicine won't make people lose their memory, but it will make the person who takes the medicine become a f

ngth of Douglas's hand was so great that it hurt Adam a lot, but Adam didn't cared about it at all, He just wanted to beg Crystal to let him go!

After Douglas put the poison into Adam's mouth, he was afraid that Adam would spit it out. Then he patted Adam and made him swallow it!

Then he kicked Adam away in disgust.

After that, he stood up expressionlessly and respectfully stood aside.

Adam, who was rolling on the ground, covered his mouth and retched!

He really wanted to spit out what he had just drunk, but he vomited for a long time and found nothing!

Lying on the ground, there was only one voice in his heart. He was doomed! He was doomed! He would become a fool!

At this time, Crystal walked slowly to Adam and said with a smile, "Adam, congratulations. You will soon become a carefree... fool! But you don't have to be depressed! Don't worry. As your cousin, I won't just leave you alone. After tomorrow, you can do whatever you want, and I will give you a beautiful wife! And let your father, oh, no, my good uncle be happy for you, too! "

Although Adam didn't know what Crystal was doing, the only thought in his mind now was to kill Crystal and perish together with her!

He not only wanted to do so, but also did so.

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