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   Chapter 495 She's Back!

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In this way, whether Crystal was willing or not, her brother Edgar would hate her.

No one could stand his woman being with another man!

No one could bear the betrayal of his beloved woman.

In this way, Crystal and his brother Edgar will soon be separated. Even if they got married, they could divorce!

As long as her brother Edgar divorced Crystal, Sheena would still have a chance to get her brother Edgar back to her.

However, when she was about to call her brother Edgar, her phone was suddenly snatched away by a black figure.

Then she fainted.

When she woke up, she saw Crystal and the men in the room.

She was afraid and anxious. She didn't know who these men were! However, the only thing she knew was that her plan failed. Not only did nothing happen to Crystal, on the contrary, she was tied here.

Although Sheena was the apple of Country C's eye, the members of the royal family were not idiots. They were good at observing the situation. Therefore, the moment Sheena realized the danger, she immediately apologized and prayed.

Crystal didn't feel surprised at Sheena's smart behavior.

After all, when facing life or death, people would feel timid, and no one would be afraid of death!

Sheena was destined to be Crystal's enemy. Crystal would never show mercy to anyone who wanted her to die.

"Douglas, let this princess have a taste of the different feelings!"

Hearing Crystal's words, Sheena was so scared that she fell to the ground. Her face turned pale. She kept shaking her head and begging, "No... Crystal, please... Please let me go. I... I promise you. I don't want brother Edgar anymore. I don't want him to come back to me. As long as you let me go, I... I promise I will go back to Country C right away and won't make trouble for you anymore. I... "

Crystal smiled, "Words have no basis. Besides, I don't plan to let you go! "

Hearing Crystal's annoying tone, Sheena was so angry that she reall

im. He dropped Adam on the ground in front of Crystal's feet.

"Crystal... No... Iv... No... Your Highness... Let me go. I was wrong! "

Crystal cast a casual glance at Sheena, who looked confused, and waved at Douglas.

Crystal didn't want Sheena to know something. After all, Sheena was the princess of Country C. She couldn't kill her, but she wouldn't let her know her true identity.

Douglas nodded respectfully. Then he walked coldly to Sheena. Crack! Sheena fainted again without any signs.

Adam, who was kneeling beside, was instantly scared to death, especially when he saw the scar on Douglas's face at a close distance.

Crystal cast a cold glance at Adam and asked with an evil smile, "What's wrong? Are you afraid, Adam? "

Crystal's voice came to Adam's ears like a ghost. He was so scared that he immediately kowtowed and apologized, "I'm sorry... I don't really want to kill you. I... I am... "

Adam's words were incoherent. In fact, after he knew the true identity of Crystal, he was going to kill Crystal, but he didn't expect that he not only didn't kill Crystal, but also was caught by Crystal. Although he didn't know how Crystal escaped from death in the past few years, the only certainty was that she was back. Ivy Luo was back. Their Xia clan was really going to suffer!

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