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   Chapter 493 Ms. Crystal Got Mad!

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At this moment, Crystal was not in the mood to punish her subordinate!

Crystal closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After feeling that her breath was not so hurried, she slowly opened her eyes and coldly glanced at Adam who was still crying on the ground. She said, "Toby, tie him up! "

"Yes, Ms. Crystal!"

Then, one of the men rudely pulled up Adam and tied up Adam's hands with a belt that had fallen on the ground without saying anything.

"Hey, hey! Who are you? How dare you hit me Don't touch me! Do you know who I am? Let me tell you I... I'm the son of the President Xia, you... "

"Clap!" Toby went up and slapped on Adam's face. He said coldly, "shut up! You're so noisy! "

Crystal didn't even bother to look at Adam. She weakly leaned against the bed and ordered coldly to another man, "Douglas, go and catch Sheena from room 2039 secretly!"

Wearing a black uniform, Douglas looked extraordinarily energetic. He still wore a straight face. He nodded respectfully and said, "Yes!"

"Don't let anyone find it. Be careful of the hotel's camera!"

Douglas nodded, "Yes! Ms. Crystal! "

A moment later, Douglas went out and soon brought Sheena in.

At this moment, Adam, who was tied to the chair, was completely dumbfounded!

What did he hear? Ms. Crystal? Douglas?

Were these people members of the Dragon Tiger Gang?

At first, Adam thought these people who suddenly broke in must be some gangsters who wanted to rob, but just now, he heard the tone of speaking. They were not ordinary gangsters! They were definitely those dangerous members of the Dragon Tiger Gang!

Adam was frightened by his thought just now!

Although Adam didn't do his work and went through women's belly every day, However, he knew something about them. Judging from their tone, he could tell that they were not ordinary people.

All of a sudden, he looked up at Crystal in horror, "You... You... are the boss of th

vious that her bet was right and her body had completely recovered!

So, after stretching her shoulders, Crystal raised her head and looked at Toby and the others who were standing there respectfully.

She ordered coldly, "Turn around!"

Everyone was stunned, 'What?'

Toby and Douglas were the first to react.

With an expressionless face, Douglas turned around. Toby thought of what he saw when he came in just now. He had seen Crystal's

Suddenly, he felt very bitter. He forgot that their boss was not only their master, but also a woman.

But just now, he saw... He really thought he deserved death!

He didn't know whether Edgar would kill him if he knew it!

Toby raised his head and touched his nose. He wanted to say that he would definitely cover his eyes before coming in if he had another chance! 'Damn it! I'm going to suffer!'

But then again, he didn't have time to think too much about the situation just now!

At this time, Toby turned his head and saw that everyone was still confused.

Toby frowned and cleared his throat, "Don't you hear what our master said? Let's turn around! "

When they came to their senses, they nodded and immediately turned around.

With her back to the crowd, Crystal put on the pajamas casually on the bedside table.

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