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   Chapter 489 It Hurts!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5959

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"Crystal, do you still remember that when I checked your wedding dress this morning, do you really think that I wanted to use the blade in my hand to destroy your wedding dress?"

Crystal sneered, "Didn't you?"

Sheena seemed to have heard a funny joke. She crossed her legs gracefully and said with a smile, "of course not. Didn't you smell a faint fragrance this morning? Yes, it's a kind of philter. It's very strong. Even a little bit of it could make one poisoned. This poison won't kill you, but it will make you feel lonely and empty and eager for a man! "

Crystal clenched her fists, trying to lift her strength, but she found that her body was still too soft to move. If she hadn't leaned against the chair, she would have fallen to the ground.

Squinting her eyes, Crystal looked at Sheena indifferently. Was she poisoned? Then how could Sheena, who was also in the room, be fine?

Suddenly, the scene of Sheena's wrist injury in the morning came to Crystal's mind. Was it...?

Suddenly, Crystal thought of a possibility.

"Was that drug hidden in your blood?"

Crystal asked coldly, looking at Sheena.

Hearing what Crystal said, Sheena smiled and said, "Crystal, I have to say that you are very smart. Yes, you are right. I hid that kind of philter in my blood. Once I'm bleeding, there will be a faint fragrance in the air. That is the philter. Crystal, I have cost a lot this time.

Crystal, do you know why I would gamble my own life? Crystal, I won't tell you that no one else will have the antidote except me. But I, Sheena, can't be so stupid to help you detoxify. So, Crystal, enjoy your wedding night today! "

Then, Sheena stood up gracefully and walked slowly to Crystal in her beautiful high-heeled shoes. She picked up a pair of clean

n to death! No! A stupid woman with psychological distortion!

Crystal cursed in her heart, 'Damn it! It hurts!

Both sides of Crystal's face were swollen because of Sheena's slap, and the blood at the corners of her mouth was so bright that one couldn't bear to look straight at it!

However, seeing Crystal like this, Sheena felt pleased and excited!

She had never been so happy like today since she came to the Xia state.

Crystal spat out a mouthful of blood and smiled like a lunatic, "do you dare to kill me? Do you believe that if you kill me, your brother Edgar will eat your flesh and drink your blood? "

Sheena pinched Crystal's cheek again and said with a ferocious smile, "Crystal, don't make yourself so important. Do you really think that you are so important to my brother Edgar? If you were raped today. No! If you were raped by a gang of men. Do you think my brother Edgar will still like you?

Crystal, I may as well tell you out of kindness that the phone call was from Charlie, and Charlie is now on the same boat with us. So, don't expect someone to save you today!

Crystal, enjoy your wedding night. I promise you will never forget it! Ha ha! "

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