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   Chapter 484 I Have to Swallow the Bitter Pill!

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Steven breathed a sigh of relief and sat down subsequently.

However, Crystal added, "But the baby in Angela's belly is in danger now!"

Steven frowned and said disapprovingly, "It's dangerous. What does it have to do with me? You should tell Ryan not me."

It was not that Steven was cruel, but that he thought it was true. Since Angela was the mistress of Ryan, then the matter of her child should be Ryan's. He should care about it, shouldn't he?

However, the next second, Crystal said something that almost made Steven bite off his tongue.

"But Angela's child is not Ryan's, but her husband Garrett's."

As soon as Crystal finished her words, Steven jumped up from the sofa, "shit, what did you say? Her child wasn't It's not Ryan's. It's It's Garrett's! "

Steven was so shocked that he couldn't even breathe.

On the contrary, Crystal said calmly, "Yes, It's true, her child is not Ryan's, but Garrett's!"

Crystal repeated what she had just said to make Steven hear it clearly.

However, Steven gave up.

He scratched his head and turned around. He pointed at Crystal angrily and said, "You.. Are you crazy? Aren't you afraid of being exposed? Crystal.... Have you ever thought about that if this matter is exposed, our Cao Clan will suffer? You... "

Before Steven could finish his words, Crystal interrupted him, "yes, you are right. I know."

At this moment, Steven was a little crazy. He really wanted to tear apart Crystal's calm face. He said anxiously, "Since you know everything, why did you do that?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Crystal said with a dirty look on her face, "you are the only one left in the Cao Clan, aren't you? Now Ms. Helen and Mr. Alex live in the nursing home, and Mrs. Cao doesn't have any real power now. Didn't she give all the property of the Cao Clan to you? They are just two old people now. I think no matter how cruel Ryan is, he can't do anything to the two old people, because even if he does, it's useless,

sked in shock, "What did you say?"

Crystal stood up, crossed her arms over her chest, and said indifferently, "I say, now Angela's identity is Christine and she is a foreign student. She saved the president of the Xia state, Ryan, on the plane by chance. To thank her, Ryan often invited her to dinner. From now on, they have feelings for each other. Since they have feelings. Then they walked together naturally.

Steven, do you understand what I said? Angela is only Christine now. She has nothing to do with the Cao Clan, nor with your brother. She just looks like Angela. So no matter what will happen in the future, you, the Cao Clan and everyone in the Cao Clan will not encounter any trouble! "

Steven was surprised and asked, "Isn't Ryan so stupid that he can't even distinguish a woman?"

Crystal sneered, "Ryan? Of course he knew who Christine was? But so what! He wished that Angela could cut off the relationship with the Cao Clan. After all, he and Angela were lovers before, and he hoped that if Angela was Christine, it would be better for him. And even if he knew that the baby in Angela's belly was not his, he had no reason to use such an excuse to deal with the Cao Clan. Therefore, no matter what he did, and whether he would know the child or not. He had to swallow the bitter pills. I'm sure!"

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