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   Chapter 482 Is It You

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Crystal stood beside Edgar, put her arms around Edgar's and leaned on his shoulder, smiling at Bennett.

All of a sudden, Bennett took out his pistol from his pocket without any warning and pointed at Crystal. He said in a cold voice, "Is it you?"

The smile on Crystal's face didn't change. On the contrary, subconsciously, Edgar quickly held Crystal in his arms. He glanced at Bennett coldly and said, "Bennett, what are you doing?"

It seemed that Bennett didn't hear what Edgar said. Staring at Crystal with his cold eyes, he asked again, "Did you do it?"

Crystal smiled and said, "Mr. Bennett, what are you talking about? Why can't Crystal understand? "

Bennett laughed coldly, "Don't you understand? Crystal, you'd better not play dumb. Do you dare to say that my mother's matter has nothing to do with you? "

Bennett was not a man with complicated thoughts, but he was not stupid.

He saw with his own eyes that Crystal went to the washroom with his mother. After coming out of the washroom, his mother seemed to have a magic disease and was about to go crazy.

He didn't believe that Crystal hadn't done anything wrong on this matter, although he didn't know much about Crystal, he knew his mother very well.

Even if his father had a mistress outside, his mother wouldn't embarrass his father in front of so many people.

Although he didn't know why Crystal did that, he was sure that it must have something to do with Crystal.

"Bennett, put down your gun. This is your last chance. Otherwise, I will let you know the consequence of contempt for my wife!"

Edgar's tone was very calm, but one could feel a strong dangerous aura from him.

Seeing Edgar's bloodthirsty eyes, even Bennett, who had been in the battlefield for a long time, was a little timid for a moment.

Bennett didn't move. He asked again, "Crystal, I'll ask you again. Did you do it?"


What do you want to eat?"

"I want to eat..."

In fact, she wanted to say, "I want to eat you!"

However, before Crystal could say anything, she was stopped by Bennett behind her, "Crystal, do you hate our Xia clan very much?"

This was the only explanation that Bennett came up with. Crystal told him openly that his mother's matter was indeed related to Crystal, but he couldn't understand why Crystal was deliberately targeting the Xia clan. That idea was the only reason he thought of just now.

Crystal paused and turned around with a weird smile. She said, "you're right. The people of the Xia clan are the people I hate most in my life!"

Frowning, Bennett asked, "Why?"

Crystal sneered, "Why? Do you think I will tell you, the third son of the Xia clan? "

Although Bennett couldn't figure out Crystal's purpose.

However, from Crystal's vicious eyes, he could be sure that what Crystal said was true. She hated the Xia clan!

"Can you let it go?"

Bennett could see clearly that Crystal was determined to revenge.

Crystal sneered, "no way! I would not stop until my death! If you want to tell your father, do whatever you want. I, Crystal, am never a coward. Go back and tell your good father that his secret can't be hidden anymore!

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