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   Chapter 481 They Were Dumbfounded!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6390

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The policemen who came in were stunned when they saw Ryan!

What was going on? Why was their President here?

Then the two policemen looked down at the ground and saw a pool of blood. One of them took out a camera and took pictures of the blood on the ground.

In fact, the policeman was on the verge of breaking down. What? Their president's wife had committed a crime. What should they do? Should they arrest her or not?

The other policeman took a careful look at Ryan and cursed the one who call the police in his heart. What was that person doing? Let them arrest President Xia's wife? Stop kidding! Who dares?

At this moment, Ryan acted as if he was doing business. He seriously said to the two policemen, "Do whatever you need to! No matter who it was, as long as it is a crime, we can't tolerate it! "

Ryan's words brought back a trace of his face, which made the people around admire him. Sure enough, their president was a righteous leader.

Because of such a president, People in the Xia state could have a peaceful life and enjoy the happy life!

After hearing what their president said, what else would the two policemen be afraid of? So they walked forward to take away Miranda.

Miranda was in a panic. Her face was as swollen as a bun. She said madly, "I... I didn't do anything wrong I'm just hitting a mistress. I'm the victim. Why do you arrest me? That bitch is a tramp. Why don't you arrest her! …… No! No! You can't arrest me. Do you know who I am? I'm Mrs. Miranda of the Xia clan, and the wife of your President. Who gives you the courage! No! Don't touch me! "

No matter how loudly Miranda shouted, the two policemen seemed not to hear her and dragged her out!

What a joke! Mrs. Miranda? So what? Since their president said so, should they be afraid of Mrs. Miranda?

Besides, they were really annoyed by Mrs. Miranda's incoherent calling!

"Ryan Xia!

best wishes to Edgar? But after half a day, he didn't see Sheena at all.

At this moment, almost everyone in the Xia clan had left, but the third son of the Xia clan, Bennett, still stood there for a long time without coming to his senses!

It was said that his father was the most capable leader of the Xia state. Under his father's management, the Xia state was prosperous and the people were healthy.

But only he knew that his father's position as the president was based on the blood of his family.

As long as he knew that his father was not an upright person.

He just wanted to protect himself and his power.

That was why Bennett joined the army when he was very young. He hated those intriguing families, let alone his double faced father.

While Bennett was wandering in his mind, he suddenly felt a heavy pat on his shoulder. "What are you thinking about? You are so absorbed in your thought! "

Bennett suddenly turned around and saw Edgar standing behind him.

With sharp eyes, Bennett looked at Edgar and asked, "Did you do it?"

Shrugging innocently, Edgar asked, "what are you talking about? Why can't I understand a word? "

Bennett was about to say something, but was interrupted by a voice, "honey, what are you talking about? "

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