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   Chapter 478 Bitch, I'll Kill You!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6599

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"Let's talk about it when we get back," said Ryan in a cold voice

As he spoke, Ryan swung Mrs. Miranda towards the door.

However, he was held by Mrs. Miranda.

"Frame? You even touched her chest. Is that a trap? Do you think I'm blind! Two days ago, your daughter had an accident. You didn't ask anything but sent her to prison cruelly. Ryan I thought you just wanted to let Elsa reflect on herself and then let her out sooner or later. But these days, you still didn't get her out. I thought you must be busy with national affairs these days.

But you, how dare you hang out with another woman! You often give that bitch jewelries worth of millions of dollars as gifts. Ryan, you are so generous! Ryan, tell me, who is that bitch? Tell me where she is! "

Obviously, Mrs. Miranda couldn't control her anger anymore. She crazily fought against Ryan like a crazy woman.

"You are enough! You lunatic!" Finally, Ryan couldn't stand it anymore. He pushed Mrs. Miranda to the ground.

"You pushed me, you hit me?? Ryan, do you really think I, Miranda, am easy to be bullied! How dare you push me for that bitch? I.... I'll kill you! "

While speaking, Mrs. Miranda stretched out her slender nails to grab Ryan, but Ryan cleverly avoided them.

"Miranda, are you out of your mind? These photos are exactly what people want not only to embarrass me as the president of the state of Xia, but also making the Xia Clan embarrassed. What's more, as the Mrs. Miranda, you can have tea for the people after dinner. Miranda, you'd better be sober. You can't be fooled by others without any reason!"

Ryan always kept reminding Miranda that all these photos were just a trap set by others! Miranda had been set up!

However, how could Miranda can listen to that now!

Seeing that Amanda was about to go crazy, Ryan said seriously, "Well, stop it. I promise you that I will release Elsa after the party is over. We can talk about everything when we go back. If

tiful. Is it worth millions? Your husband is so generous!"

Angela pretended to be implicit and said, "Just so-so."

The necklace on Angela's neck was indeed very outstanding. A beautiful woman next to her glanced at it and said, "Mrs. Ma, I saw you have a beautiful sapphire necklace before, but it's a little inferior to this lady's!"

"How much is my necklace? I just bought it for fun. The necklace around this lady's neck costs at least millions!"

Crystal turned around slowly and looked into Miranda's scarlet eyes. She smiled and said, "Aunt, don't you think this necklace looks a little familiar?"

Miranda stared at the necklace around Angela's neck. The necklace and the necklace in the photo flashed in her eyes and finally fixed on the woman in front of her.

Suddenly, Miranda was like a lunatic, cursing repeatedly, "Bitch Slut... "

Her voice was getting louder and louder, grotesque and twisted, and her eyes were red. She was so ferocious and twisted that anyone who saw her would feel that she was horrible.

All of a sudden, Miranda rushed up quickly, grabbed Angela's hair and kicked Angela madly!

"Bitch Bitch, you stole my man. I'll beat you to death... "

Seeing the quarrel between the two women, Edgar pulled Crystal subconsciously, making Crystal take a few steps back!

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