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   Chapter 477

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Mrs. Wu paused, turned around and asked, "but what? Do you have anything else to say, Miss Crystal? "

Crystal leaned back and said with a smile, "but I want to say something to Miss Faye. The so-called good friends share weal and woe together, but I don't think a qualified best friend would shift the blame on you at critical moment. Maybe you think it's a kind of friendship, but it depends on who you make friends with. I just want to remind you, It's okay to be used by others if you never mind it, but it's a little stupid to be grateful to them after being used by others! "

Although Faye was careless, she was not that stupid. Thinking of what Bonnie and Diane had done to her before, her heart sank.

However, as a stubborn woman, she felt annoyed that Crystal dared to teach her a lesson in the tone of a senior.

However, she didn't have time to argue with Crystal.

But Mrs. Wu still bowed her head and said thank you to Crystal.

Then she left with Faye.

Due to the loud noise from Crystal, other guests at the table shifted their glance at her.

However, at this moment, no one dared to make a sound. They didn't want Crystal to punish them for disrespect to the princess of Country C!

Even Edgar and Bennett, who were sitting not far away from her, noticed what was happening from the direction where Crystal stood.

However, with a faint smile on his face, Edgar continued to discuss military skills with Bennett. Of course he knew his wife well. Crystal was totally capable and tough enough to handle those nobodies

On the contrary, among the ladies sitting on the far right side of Crystal, both the mother of Bonnie and Diane wanted to stand up and pull their daughter over, but they didn't dare!

Because their husbands were sitting opposite them, and their faces were filled with anger. They stared at them fiercely and hinted them not to even budge a bit!

Once they stood up and stepped closer, there would be more conflicts for them. If the conflict only took place among Bonnie, Diane and Crystal, it could be regarded as only a grudge between girls!

However, once they got involved, it was not only a simply conflict

of my family, will you have the chance to stay in the position today? It was you who begged me to marry you and said that you would be good to me for a lifetime. If my father hadn't supported you to be the president of the Xia state in person, you would have been abandoned by your family! If I hadn't done so much for you in secret, do you think you could achieve what you have today?

But look at you! How dare you find a mistress behind my back? Do you have any conscience? "

Mrs. Miranda put aside her years of affectation and pointed at Ryan's face angrily.

"Calm down, okay? It's obviously a frame up. It's all fake. What else do you want to do? Let me tell you, pay attention to your identity today. You are my wife, the First Lady of the Xia state. And I am the president. Do you think it is appropriate for you to make trouble and keep quarreling with me here? "

At this moment, Mrs. Miranda's mind was full of those obscene pictures of Ryan when he was having sex with his mistress. Apart from anger, she had lost all her temper!

For such an unreasonable wife, Ryan was also a little angry. He remembered that his wife was not such an unreasonable person. How could she become like this today.

If it was in the past, even if his wife knew that he had an affair with another woman, she would turn a blind eye to it and talk about it when he went back home!

But now He really felt annoyed when seeing her wife's willful acts!

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