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   Chapter 475 It's A Trap To Have A Stupid Teammate!

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Faye covered her face and looked at Crystal in shock. "You... How dare you... hit me? "

After hitting Faye, Crystal sat down unhurriedly and added some fish to Ms. Helen's bowl. Then she slowly picked out the fish bones and put the fish meat on Ms. Helen's plate. "Come on, grandma, have some fish!"

At this moment, Ms. Helen was not in the mood to eat. She was too excited!

Crystal is so powerful!

She felt ashamed of herself!

However, she liked Crystal's domineering action and handsomeness very much!

Ms. Helen lowered her head. Seeing that Crystal was picking the fish bones for her very carefully, she held back her excitement, picked up the chopsticks, put the fish into her mouth, and chewed slowly. "Well, it tastes good!"

Crystal and Ms. Helen completely ignored the three women opposite them.

However, both Bonnie and Diane breathed a sigh of relief. They had insulted Crystal, but what Crystal said blocked their way.

Now, they were eager for Crystal to ignore them. Crystal was right. She was the prince of Country C now. How could they talk about the princess of Country C? Even they wanted to, they had to curse her behind her. If Crystal reported it to President Xia, they would definitely be scolded to death by their father!

However, Faye didn't think so. Especially after Crystal slapped her, she was about to explode with anger!

She thought angrily in her heart, 'What's wrong with Crystal? She is the wife of the prince of the Country C, but it's none of her business. No matter who she is, she is a tramp. It's wrong to flirt with this man and marry another. She is a bad woman. Since she is a bad woman, how can she, Faye, let her go?"

Thinking of this, Your Highness glared at Crystal and cursed, "Crystal, who the hell are you? How dare you hit me! Is there anything wrong with what we said? "

After that, Faye pulled up Diane an


She looked at Bonnie up and down and said discontentedly, "Bonnie, what's wrong with you! Why should I shut up? Don't you think what I said is true? "

At this moment, Bonnie really wanted to dig a hole in the ground to bury herself.

At this moment, she really wanted to sweet Faye out of the room.

She said to Crystal, "Miss Crystal, as you know, we really don't have any bad intentions. We just cut down the gossip outside and told you!"

Bonnie wanted to tell them that their gaffe was just an accident. They were not scolding Crystal, but just stating the truth.

Crystal raised her eyebrows and looked at Bonnie, until Bonnie got goose bumps.

Crystal said coldly, "Miss Bonnie and Miss Diane, you don't have a good memory, do you? Just now, you said that I was a tramp! You said that Prince Zach of Country C married a tramp. If President Xia heard this, what do you think he should do! Should he send you to prison or send your father to Country C to apologize to the king of Country C!

Oh, by the way, I forgot that my husband, Prince Zach of Country C, said that the assistant beside President Xia, yes, Miss Diane's father, was very dedicated and Prince Zach planned to praise him in front of President Xia! It seems that... "

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