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   Chapter 474 It Was So Noisy!

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In the eyes of Ms. Helen, Crystal was a good girl, although she had seen Crystal kill people with her own eyes.

However, Ms. Helen knew that Crystal was a kind girl actually. Otherwise, she and the old man wouldn't live a comfortable life in the nursing home.

Yes, in fact, she knew everything. The newly made warm quilts in the nursing home, in addition, the old man didn't eat the food in the nursing home at first. Later, somehow, he ate so well!

In fact, she knew that it was Crystal who did all this behind her back.

Although she didn't agree with the marriage of Crystal and Edgar because of the curse about the Cao Clan and the Xia Clan.

However, no matter what, Crystal was a treasure in her heart, so how could she tolerate the insult to her of others!

Ms. Helen glanced sharply at the three girls opposite her. She had thought that her grandson Steven would be lucky enough to choose one of the three girls to be the granddaughter in law of the Cao Clan.

However, after hearing he three of them had insulted Crystal. She wouldn't agree they would be maids of the Cao Clan, let alone a granddaughter in law.

Ms. Helen was so angry that he wanted to stand up, but she was stopped by Crystal and comforted, "Grandma, don't be angry. Just take a seat. Let me do it!

After a while, Crystal was still having porridge.

The woman on the other side reached the same consensus: 'See! What a shameless slut!'!

Crystal ate the porridge unhurriedly without changing her actions.

Even Ms. Helen, who was sitting next to her, could hardly sit still. Ms. Helen thought to herself, 'Crystal, will you come or not? If not, I'll teach them a lesson!'!

On the contrary, Steven, who was sitting next to the Ms. Helen, quickly covered his face, feeling that a violent quarrel would be able to happen.

He then took a look at Crystal, and then quickly lowered his head. He dared to bet with his feet that Crystal was going to explode!

And the three women on the other side were even more disdainful. They saw that Crystal meant to ignore it with a smile.


ane were both scared to sweat.

Even when Ms. Helen and Steven heard what Crystal said, they really wanted to give Crystal a thumbs up!

This sentence was so domineering that it made the other party speechless!

On the contrary, Faye was surprised at Crystal's words, but she didn't understand. She pointed at Crystal and said angrily, "Miss Crystal, you... What do you mean? We are talking about you. What does it have to do with our father? Don't think that you can talk nonsense just because you have become the princess of Country C. I tell you, you merely are a shameless woman. Why don't you let us say it? It's the truth. Why don't you let us say it? Don't you dare to admit it but to do it? "

Faye stood up excitedly and pointed at Crystal angrily, "What? Miss Crystal, do you think it's a big deal that you have a wife of Country C? Let me tell you, a person like you won't have a good result. I advise you, hurry up... "

"Clap!" The sound of a slap rang out at this moment!

Faye was slapped by Crystal before she could finish her words.

Crystal rubbed her numb hand and said indifferently, "it's noisy Damn it!"

Steven secretly had a glance at Crystal, feeling numb in his heart. Frankly! Crystal was the woman he feared most.

Because he was traumatized and let a shadow by Crystal. Therefore, he was more sensitive to women now. He didn't want to marry a tigress!

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