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   Chapter 473 Cuckold!

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Then, following the sight of Crystal, Edgar saw Toby and others in waiter's clothes not far away.

Therefore, Edgar understood that Crystal was ready to do something today.

Although Crystal chose to take action at their wedding banquet, and although it might make their wedding imperfect, Edgar felt that it would be fine as long as Crystal was happy. He also knew that Crystal didn't want to miss a good opportunity by doing so.

Edgar understood everything. He understood Crystal, so he was not angry or felt anything wrong.

So, after exhorting Crystal for a while, Edgar turned around and walked to another table with Bennett.

Crystal went to the table where Ms. Helen was.

At this moment, beside Ms. Helen, there was her husband, Steven, and several ladies around Steven.

Seeing the bitter look on Steven's face, Crystal smiled.

Steven was also afraid of women!

Crystal walked forward and sat beside Ms. Helen. She glanced at the women on the table and said, "Wow, grandma, it's so lively here!"

Steven looked up and saw Crystal. His face changed instantly.

What the fuck! He really wanted to escape. He still remembered clearly that Crystal was so fierce in the parking lot!

Even now, his arms were still aching!

But on second thought, his grandmother and grandfather were here with him. Then what was he afraid of?

Thinking of this, he cleared his throat and then lowered his head!

Alright. He pretended to ignore her!

Ms. Helen was very happy to see crystal.

She patted Crystal's hand gently and said with a kind smile, "girl, you must be very tired today!"

Crystal shook her head and said, "no, grandma. It's just that I... I'm a little hungry! "

Ms. Helen poked Crystal's head dotingly and said, "you little foodie!"

While they were talking, Ms. Helen put a bowl of ste

nose, and dressed like a lady.

This woman was Diane, the daughter of the general manager of the company belonging to Ryan.

Following Bonnie's words, Diane said, "that's right. We have heard the story of the bride and the second son of the Xia clan. The bride is really a special person. She just kicked away the second son of the Xia clan, and then became Prince Zach's wife of C country! "

While speaking, Diane turned to look at the woman beside her. She said in a loud voice, "Faye, a woman can be very great if she can seduce men like the bride. She is really good at seducing men!"

Faye, sitting beside Diane, was an easy-going girl with a neutral appearance. She was dressed in a lady's suit and short hair. Faye's father was the leader of the army, which belonged to Ryan as well.

This woman had a simple mind and followed the other two women.

Faye cast a scornful glance at Crystal and said, "bah! Shame on you! "

Faye never beat around the bush. She would say whatever she thought of.

She had heard about what had happened to Crystal from Mrs. Miranda. She hated women who relied on men to climb up, so she didn't have to be nice to Crystal.

At this time, Ms. Helen was completely infuriated.

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