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   Chapter 472 Honey, I Want to Sleep with You!

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Just as Edgar was worried, Crystal wrapped her arms around Edgar's neck and whispered in his ear, which surprised Edgar a lot.

"Honey I want to bang you!"

After saying that, Crystal felt like slapping herself in her heart. Damn it! What's wrong with me?

But at this moment, after hearing what Crystal said, Edgar unexpectedly blushed!

Seeing Edgar like this, Crystal suddenly laughed!

Her lovely husband How could he be blushed? That was so interesting!

Crystal teased Edgar on his chest and giggled, "Honey, I didn't expect you to be so innocent. Don't tell me that you were a virgin when you were with me."

Hearing that, Edgar pushed Crystal's hand away and turned his face away. His face turned even redder. Edgar gritted his teeth and said, "Knock it off!"

Well, he admitted that Crystal was his first woman. When he was with Olivia, she cheated on him before they had sex. Since then, he had been immune to all women.

As if Crystal had discovered a continent, she laughed more happily. She scratched Edgar's chest and said, "Ha-ha, I didn't expect my husband to be a treasure! Well, except Your Highness, who else can be so charming to conquer you? "

In fact, Edgar was also the first man of Crystal. If it weren't for the philter he drugged her last time, how could she sleep with Edgar!

But when Crystal thought about it now, she was full of gratitude for that encounter. Who was she? Who was he? A country girl and a big shot in the business world couldn't be together, but the world was so strange, which meant that he and she were destined to be together.

The blush on Edgar's face made Crystal want to laugh. It was interesting, but at the same time, it made Crystal feel that she really wanted to have sex with Edgar here.

However, Crystal was a little embarrassed!

She couldn't take her husband to the bridal chamber in the daytime, could she?

And there were so many people in the hall!

No, no, absolutely not. No matter how impa


How could a man worthy of his admiration be worse than the woman he fell in love with!

Crystal felt Bennett look at her without the scornful look he had just given her. She could not help laughing in her heart 'What a simple minded guys!'

However, Crystal didn't bring that kind of hatred to Johnson.

Although Bennett was nominally Crystal's cousin.

However, in Crystal's childhood, she had never seen this Bennett before. The only thing she knew was that Bennett had gone to the army himself since his childhood.

He had been a soldier for many years and came back many years later.

Therefore, Crystal concluded that Bennett might not know anything about her mother.

Crystal withdrew her thoughts, smiled politely and said, "how could it be? Today is our wedding. You can have a good drink! "

Edgar was still worried about Crystal.

Just now, Crystal's face turned red and didn't seem to be fine. He turned his head and asked, "Crystal, can you really ok? If you want me, I'll drive you back to your room... "

Before Edgar could finish his words, he was interrupted by Crystal. She said, "Well, honey, I'm not a 3 years old child. You can go ahead. Don't worry about me. I'll go to visit our grandmother."

After saying that, Crystal winked at Edgar and asked him to look at Crystal's sight

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