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   Chapter 471 Unusual!

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After Mrs. Miranda left, Crystal didn't leave the bathroom immediately.

She took over the small spray, unscrewed the lid, poured out the liquid inside, turned on the tap and washed the liquid into the sewer.

Crystal rinsed the bottle, took some running water, wiped it clean and put it aside again.

The thing in the bottle was a kind of aphrodisiac, which could make people's spirit quickly reach an excited state after smelling it. People could not control their emotions and become irritable, and they are very easy to get angry.

What's more, she provoked Mrs. Miranda on purpose just now to make Mrs. Miranda completely lose her mind and then do crazy things.

Crystal knew that if she wanted to deal with Ryan, she had to start with the people around him. Moreover, the people of the Xia Clan might not mention what had happened in the past, but if they came alone, Crystal believed that she could ask them about what had happened in the past.

If Ryan's position as president was threatened, Crystal didn't believe that he would sit still and wait for death?

The more Ryan cared about that position, the more he would do. If he did too much, it was inevitable to make mistakes, and if he did something wrong, it was very likely to reveal the truth.

Then, Crystal smoothed her hair and lifted the hemline of the wedding dress leisurely. Then she took out her phone from the pocket of her leggings and dialed a familiar number. After the phone was connected, Crystal asked coldly, "Toby, how is Angela?"

On the other side of the phone, Toby, dressed in a waiter's clothes, was holding a tray in the corridor. When he received the phone call from Crystal, he quickly hid in an inconspicuous corner and answered the phone, "Ms. Crystal, everything is ready!"

Crystal smiled with satisfaction at herself in the mirror and said, "Okay!"

Then, she seemed to remember something and asked abruptly, "Toby, did Douglas succeed in asking something valuable?"

Toby sighed, "No, Douglas didn't find any val

n his heart.

Although women liked to hear sweet words, Edgar felt that no matter it was a man or a woman, as long as it was the sweet words from their loved one, they were very happy!

At this time, Edgar involuntarily turned around and kissed Crystal's charming lips

He was deeply in love with her and couldn't help saying that.

However, at this moment, Crystal suddenly had a desire.

Looking at the handsome face of Edgar, Crystal really had an impulse to pounce on him.

Thinking of this, Crystal flushed.

At this moment, Crystal thought to herself, 'is my husband too handsome?' So that she couldn't control herself? Or was it because she was overwhelmed by hormones?

But, no! Crystal had never known she is such an impulsive person!

When Crystal was lost in thought, Edgar let go of her.

Seeing the unusual expression on Crystal's face, Edgar was full of doubts.

When he saw Crystal's red face, he was very worried. He reached out and touched Crystal's forehead, and then touched his own forehead. He asked, "Crystal, Are you ok? Don't you have a fever? Crystal, why is your face so red? Are you feeling unwell, Crystal? How about I take you to your room and ask Shawn to have a look! "

Edgar said a lot.

Crystal's body was still under recovery. He was really worried about Crystal. Was she too tired today?

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