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   Chapter 469 My Husband Praised Me. Don't Be So Charming!

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Before Crystal moved her feet, Mrs. Miranda stopped her.

Crystal turned around and looked at Mrs. Miranda with a smile. If she didn't wear the wedding dress and there was a cigarette in the corner of her mouth, she would be like a rascal. She asked, "What? Did Mrs. Miranda come round? "

Mrs. Miranda took a step forward and said coldly, "how about this, Crystal? Let's make a deal. I won't tell Prince Zach what happened between you and Rain. Of course, I can guarantee that I won't let anyone tell Prince Zach the old love between you and Rain. And as a deal, tell me who that person is? You see, it's good for both of us. As for the money, I think Crystal, you are a princess now. You don't lack money, do you? "

Leaning against the door, Crystal said with a smile, "Mrs. Miranda, are you mistaken? Do you think my husband didn't knows the old love between me and Rain? Mrs. Miranda, if you want to make a deal with me based on this, I'm really sorry. My husband not only knows the old love between me and Rain, but also praises me. He said that I'm really charming, which made him so... proud! "

Mrs. Miranda's mouth twitched. She held the wall and took several deep breaths. What the hell? A woman could be so shameless! She had nothing to say.

However, what Mrs. Miranda didn't know was that in fact, there was no affair between Crystal and Rain. It was just an excuse for Crystal to go to the Xia mansion.

What Mrs. Miranda didn't know was the relationship among Edgar, Rain and Crystal.

Seeing Mrs. Miranda's angry face, Crystal was pleased!

Although Mrs. Miranda looked kind, she was not a good woman.

Did she really think that she didn't hear the whispers of the rich ladies on the stage just now? Didn't she see that Mrs. Miranda was behind all this?

Before Mrs. Miranda could say anything, Crystal continued, "as for the money? Although my husband is a prince, everyone believes that the more money, the bette

tal had said so, if Mrs. Miranda continued to pester her, she would be too narrow-minded.

It would show that she couldn't even pay ten million.

Then, Mrs. Miranda raised her chin and looked arrogant. She took out a check from her bag and filled in it with the words ten million.

Then she glanced at Crystal arrogantly and handed the check to Crystal.

"I have given you the money. Can you tell me now?"

Crystal looked at the check and sneered, "well, not bad. Mrs. Miranda is so generous!"

"Cut the crap. Tell me, who is that man?"

Crystal put the check into her white gloves gracefully.

Then she approached Mrs. Miranda and said with a faint smile, "Mrs. Miranda, I've accepted the check. Then I'll tell you who that person is."

"Who is it?"

Crystal said to Mrs. Miranda unhurriedly, "That person is me... "

Mrs. Miranda was in a daze for a while. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

She grabbed Crystal's arm in shock and asked, "what did you say? That person is you! "

Crystal slapped Mrs. Miranda's hand away rudely and said, "yes, it's me. Mrs. Miranda, do you know that a few days ago, I almost became the main food of the two tigers? Unfortunately, I failed to fulfill Elsa's wish. It was Prince Zach who saved me. And also because of this, we got married."

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