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   Chapter 468 I Want Money. Fifty Million!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 7014

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In a twinkling of an eye, Crystal and Mrs. Miranda came to the bathroom.

When they arrived at the bathroom, Crystal immediately let go of Mrs. Miranda.

While Mrs. Miranda thought that Crystal would really have a way to save her daughter, so she closed the door complaisantly without waiting for her answer.

Mrs. Miranda turned around and asked, "Miss Crystal, do you really have a way to save my daughter?"

With her back against the table, Crystal giggled, "Mrs. Miranda, I'm kidding! You look! It's so interesting that you take it seriously! "

Mrs. Miranda was so angry that she almost spat out blood. She stared at Crystal and said, "Crystal, you What do you mean? Are you kidding me? "

Crystal spread out her hands and said, "it's funny. You are the one I want to play with!"

Mrs. Miranda's chest heaved a few times, and her heart went crazy with anger. She raised her chin and said in disdain, "Crystal, what do you mean? Why are you so arrogant in front of me? Look, you are so horny all over. Don't think I don't know how you climbed into the bed of the prince of C country. You used up my second son and dumped him. You are really did what a fox did! "

Mrs. Miranda gabbled away a lot of abuse. Hearing what Mrs. Miranda said, Crystal laughed.

This was the real Mrs. Miranda. She was no longer dignified and elegant, but only two words left: shrew!

After listening to Mrs. Mrs. Miranda's words word by word, Crystal flipped her hair and said with a charming smile, "Mrs. Miranda, that's amazing. I don't know president Miranda know or not, you say, why do you have to pretend so hard! Look at what you just said. You are so sneaky. You must have cursed me a lot in private! "

Mrs. Miranda took a deep breath. She was really surprised. When she cursed Crystal like this, Crystal even laughed. He really doubted that if Crystal was silly after getting married?

Or was she just bored and came here to find fault with her?

But today was Crystal's wedding ceremony. How could Crystal be so idle at her wedding?

At this moment, Mrs. Miranda really didn'

on the exposed person. She thought that if she let her find that person, she would skin him alive, break him tendons, and let him often stay in prison.

What's more, she had to make that family pay for it.

So Mrs. Miranda took a deep breath to calm herself down. She asked, "How much do you want?"

Crystal burst into laughter and said, "Mrs. Miranda is really smart! Since you are so easy-going, I'll just come straight to the point. Mrs. Miranda, I know that Crystal is very timid. I'm really afraid that I will be killed by others as soon as I say that. So, in order to comfort my timid heart... "

While speaking, Crystal stretched out five fingers and smiled, "Not much. I want fifty million!"

As soon as Crystal said this, Mrs. Miranda was so angry that she almost jumped up.

She trembled and pointed at Crystal, "What? Fifty million? "Crystal, are you kidding? A piece of bad news is worth fifty million dollars. You can just grab it! "

Mrs. Miranda had never known that Crystal had such a big appetite that she asked for fifty million at the first time!

Crystal flicked her fingers and said, "What's wrong? Mrs. Miranda can't afford it. Forget it. Then I won't tell Crystal! "

After saying that, Crystal turned around, raised her foot and was about to leave. "Since Mrs. Miranda is so insincere, I will not accompany you. My husband is still waiting for me outside!"

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