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   Chapter 467 Long Time No See! Let's Have A Talk.

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When the audience looked at Crystal again, their eyes changed.

However, after all, Crystal was going to marry the prince of Country C, and most importantly, the President of the Xia state was under the stage.

Even if they wanted to scold Crystal on the stage, they didn't dare to do so. However, some rich women were still getting more and more excited and disdainful when they talked about it in private.

After finishing their vows, Edgar and Crystal put on rings for each other.

Speaking of the ring, Edgar had personally designed a dress for Crystal, and at the same time, Crystal also designed a unique ring for Edgar.

They put the rings on each other's finger and held the red wine together, filling the ninety-nine heart-shaped wine glasses.

At this time, Abbott, on behalf of the elders, made a speech on the stage. It was just all about some polite words, such as eating well and drinking well.

Then, accompanied by the emcee, Crystal and Edgar stepped down to propose a toast to the guests.

Of course, because of the noble status of Edgar, who was not a local of the Xia state, Edgar took Crystal only to the front of Ryan.

Crystal raised her glass and said to Ryan, "President Xia, today is Crystal's wedding banquet. You must have a good drink!"

Ryan replied politely, "of course, of course. Congratulations to you two!"

Crystal smiled, "thank you!"

Then Crystal looked around casually and asked curiously, "President Xia, why haven't I seen Miss Elsa? I have a good time with Miss Elsa in the Xia clan. Why didn't she come to my wedding today! What a pity! "

With a faint smile, Ryan said, "My little girl has something important to do today. I'm really sorry that she can't come!"

Ryan never believed that Crystal didn't know about his daughter.

She just wanted him to make a fool of himself. How could he be fooled!

more, Edgar said, "I heard that Mr. Bennett is a soldier. Can you have a chat with me, an outsider? I'm very interested in the life in the army!"

Edgar knew what Crystal was going to do.

Seeing what Bennett was going to do, Edgar found an excuse to stop him.

Taking a look at Ryan, Bennett said to Edgar, "okay!"

Although Ryan didn't know what Crystal and Edgar were going to do, he didn't stop them. He wanted to see what kind of trouble Crystal would make!

While they were talking, Crystal took Mrs. Miranda's hand and walked towards the washroom, not caring how reluctant Mrs. Miranda was.

"Let's go, Mrs. Miranda. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Crystal has a lot to talk to you!"

As Mrs. Miranda pushed Crystal away, she said angrily, "get out of my way. We have nothing to talk about!"

Then Mrs. Xia turned around and wanted to come back, but she was held tightly by Crystal.

With an enchanting smile on her face, Crystal said, "why not? We can talk about how to get Elsa out! "

Mrs. Miranda was stunned. She turned her head, looked at Crystal in shock and asked, "you... ?"

Crystal pulled Mrs. Miranda and continued to walk, "don't be surprised. I just want to help Miss. Elsa because she is pitiful!"

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