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   Chapter 442 You Are A Liar, Edgar!

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Crystal was really angry this time. She didn't care that the man he loved was loved by another woman. That meant the man she loved was charming.

However, Edgar knew clearly that she was jealous of him and Sheena, but when she heard the noise, the first thing she saw was that Edgar was lying on Sheena. What the fuck?!

Did he do it on purpose to piss her off?

It had to be said that people tended to lose their rationality when they were in love. If Crystal could think about it carefully, she would know that it was a trap set by Sheena.

Apparently, Sheena had deliberately said such seductive words when she knew that Crystal was secretly observing.

Moreover, she did not stop her move, on the contrary, she became even more crazy when she saw Crystal come out.

what is it?

It was obvious that what she wanted was only to let Crystal see what happened.

However, Crystal knew clearly about it. And of course she knew what Sheena was up to by doing so. She knew the true intention of Sheena.

However, she didn't know why she was so self willed.

Crystal walked so fast that she even forgot to look at the road under her feet.

As a result

She accidentally stepped on a hard snowball, and then

"Bang!" Crystal slipped and leaned forward.


Before Edgar could finish his words, Crystal's body fell to the ground all of a sudden. Fortunately, Edgar reacted quickly enough.

Crystal did fall down, but she didn't feel painful. Edgar caught her with his arms at the moment when she almost hit the ground.

"Crystal, are you all right? Are you hurt? Let me take you to the hospital."

While speaking, Edgar held Crystal up.

However, Edgar was too anxious to notice his own.

That was how Edgar was like at the moment. Crystal did not fall to the ground. On the contrary, when Edgar supported himself by propping his hand up on the ground, his wrist was rubbed to make a wound of skin, and there was a little blood oozing from it. He just used a little more strength, and his heartbeat had increased a bit. His face immediately changed.

However, Edgar was totally unaware of that. Now he focus totally on Crystal.

However, Crystal noticed it.

Seeing his face turn pale, Crystal's heart ached for him

me because of it?'.

Daniel broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of it.

So, Daniel headed to the supermarket nervously.

Meanwhile, Crystal had walked for a long distance.

Regret in her heart It was so embarrassing!

However, she could only regret for a moment, and whether she still remained angry.

When Crystal's mind was filled with wild thoughts, she felt her body was floating in the air all of a sudden

"Hey! Edgar, what are you doing? "

Edgar passed the sidewalk, holding Crystal in his arm.

"Crystal, I know you don't believe me, but I will make you trust me..."

After saying that, Edgar shut up immediately.

Edgar kept going forward with Crystal in his arms all the way.

"Edgar, what are you doing? Put me down! "

Along the way, Crystal tried to break away from Edgar, slapping him with her hands all the time.

However, she knew that the most serious injury was his heart, so she didn't dare to slap him too hard. But, for Edgar himself, the beat of Crystal was nothing to him but only mere tingle.

Unknowingly, Edgar had walked a long distance, so far that Crystal couldn't recognize the road.

"Hey, Edgar. Where are you taking me?"

Now Crystal was less angry. What she worried most was not where to go, but the health of Edgar.

He held her for a long time. Was he tired? Would he feel sick? Will it worsen his condition?

Just when Crystal was thinking about whether to get out of his arms with all her strength, Edgar suddenly put her down.

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