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   Chapter 417 Analeptic

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No one knew how anxious they were at the moment. It only took them five minutes on the way.

But it seemed like a century for them.

Edgar followed Rain into mansion. The security guards at the gate stood conscientiously.

The gate of the Xia Clan was still open.

Without even looking at the three security guards outside the gate, Rain and Edgar rushed in

They went into the gate directly, then they rushed to Crystal's room and kicked the door open.

Then they found no one in the room!

Both of them felt their hearts jolted at the same time. "Oh, shit! Something really happened to Crystal!" they thought!

At the same time, in another luxurious and elegant villa

With a glass of wine in her hand, Elsa lazily leaned on the chair, a maid standing beside her respectfully.

Another maid was kneeling at her feet, bowing, and massaging for her respectfully.

At this moment, Mia was sitting on the sofa opposite to her, peeling walnuts with her hand!

As the walnuts were peeled off one by one, her hands were almost disabled. Mia hated Elsa so much and wished she could kill her.

But she couldn't do that!

Because she knew that as long as she made use of Elsa, she could then kill Crystal for revenge, because Crystal was her sworn enemy.

When she thought of this, Mia ceased to be angry. She cleaned the walnuts she had shelled little by little, and then put them in the plate she had already prepared. She stood up and walked to Elsa, bent over and put down the chopped walnuts. She smiled humbly and said, "Miss Elsa, I have peeled the walnuts. Enjoy it!"

Mia stood still, head bowed.

Without saying anything, Elsa continued to shake the glass of wine. After a long time, she stopped what she was doing. She squinted at the plate of walnuts on the table, and then glanced at Mia's bleeding finger. She screamed out as she put down the glass and grabbed her hand. "Mia, what's wrong with your hand? Why is it bleeding? "

Did Elsa just show her sympathy to Mia? Of course not! The rea

ea flashed in her eyes. She raised her hand and said to the bodyguard outside the door, "Come in!"

Then two bodyguards came in from the door and said to her with respect:" What can I do for you, Miss Elsa? "

She then stood up, walked to the safe in front of him, squatted and opened it. She took out a small black box, stood up and slowly walked in front of one of the bodyguards.

She smiled coldly and said, "Drive the car and go there. Spread all these things in the garden. Make sure to have it spattered near the room where Crystal stays. And then come back secretly! Don't let her notice, okay? Go then! "

One of the bodyguards took over the things in her hands and nodded respectfully, "yes, miss!"

Then, the two bodyguards turned around and went out.

Mia was a little confused. She walked forward and asked, "Miss Elsa, what's that?"

Without saying anything, Elsa turned around and sat back in the chair again, raising the empty glass.

Mia walked to her immediately and poured wine for her. Then she moved aside!

After taking a gentle sip of the wine, Elsa put it down on the table and began to talk, "that's my baby stuff. I bought it from the black market with a high price. It's said that it's a kind of strong analeptic. It makes all the creatures get excited at any time when they are even stain with a little drop of it.

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