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   Chapter 349 Depression!

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Hearing that, Edgar sounded as if he had heard a joke. Then he stood up and turned his back on Shawn, sneering, "humph! Afraid? Would I choose to leave her again just because I was scared? Would I, Edgar, let her get hurt again just because I am afraid? You know clearly what kind of person your master is. If Crystal doesn't submit to him, do you think she can live? "

When hearing this sentence, the expression in Shawn's eyes became cold.

He hadn't thought of that much. He was just an obedient subordinate who could not have his own thoughts.

For so many years, he had thought that only when he was doing research in the laboratory could he hear his heart.

At this time, Edgar turned around, glanced at Shawn coldly, and sneered, "do you think how much your young master loves Crystal. I think there is nothing in his eyes except power, is there? "

Shawn softened his attitude. He said: "I have no right to question any decision of my master! Edgar, I will never tell you anything no matter what you say. "Shawn said coldly.

On the contrary, Edgar wasn't in a hurry. He just waved his hand.

Then, standing next to them, Leo pulled out a box from his pocket and handed it to Edgar.

Edgar opened it and took out a golden longevity lock from the box.

The long longevity lock seemed to be an ordinary necklace of a child, but if one examined it carefully, one would see there were two words, Jason Zhou. They were engraved on both its face and back.

When Shawn saw the longevity lock, his heart sank. He wanted to stand up, but his hands and feet were tied, and he couldn't stand up.

He ground his teeth and shouted angrily, "Edgar, you are such a fucking despicable man! You can't hurt a kid. You can't hurt him. "

At the moment, it seemed tha

asn't decisive or emotional any more.

This made Edgar feel uneasy and confused. Crystal had never been like this before!

So he got Shawn here, but the man directly explained that Crystal was fine and just fell asleep. He was even more confused that when Shawn entered the room, he looked at Crystal first but not him.

It was said that a woman's intuition was always right, but men's were not that bad.

His intuition told him directly that there must be something wrong with Shawn Zhou.

Then, he contacted several of his men in the Xia state, and asked them to find out the information about Shawn in three hours. The more detailed the information was, the better!

After his men had found out the background information of Shawn Zhou, Edgar opened the file and frowned more and more tightly as the sentences went by.

He didn't expect that Shawn was one of the Xia Clan's people.

Hearing that, Edgar came to his senses. Turning to look at Shawn with his cold eyes, he asked, "How to deal with the depression?"

Shawn smiled sadly and said: "if I say, you leave her, and she..."

"Clap!", before Shawn finished his words, the sound of slapping filled the room.

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