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   Chapter 341 Trade!

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At this time, Crystal slowly walked to Hannah, squatted down, and looked at her with a meaningful look. "Mrs. Cao, after hearing so much, I think you are quite tragical. At first, you fell in love with a man wholeheartedly. But he had another woman in his heart, and you were heartbroken for him, and you miserably slept with the wrong person! You married Hobson, but you have to bring up the child of your husband and another woman. How poor you are! "

"What... What do you want to say?" Hannah asked warily.

Crystal put her hands out and said, "nothing. I just feel pity for you. I want to help you get out of jail."

Hannah was surprised, "Really? You are not lying to me, are you?

Crystal gave her a cold look and said sarcastically, "do you think you are still worth my lies?"

Narrowing his eyes, Edgar took a look at Crystal and frowned, having a strange feeling.

In fact, he knew that Crystal wanted to ask Hannah something about her mother.

But Edgar also knew that when the truth was revealed, there would be trouble for their love!

Edgar really wanted to hug her and said to her, "let go of it! Stop investigating."

But how could he say that!

The hatred of parents' death should not be given up. Just like him, when he knew that it were Hannah and Mora who had killed his parents, he really wanted to kill these two bitches. He wanted them to taste the pain of losing their loved ones. He wanted them to lose everything.

Now he had made it. But how about Crystal?

He was really afraid that just like him, Crystal would bury her hatred deep in the hearts, try every means to find out the truth of that year.

No one would know how depressed he was.

However, when the truth came, could she really bear it?

He thought, 'Crystal, if one day you find out that our love at the beginning was a conspiracy, will you still be with me without hesitation?

y promise and he must keep it, Besides, go to the Cao clan's old house and send the old man to the hospital. I will pay for all the cost! "

In the Cao clan, the only good person to Edgar was his grandfather who treated him differently when he was young, no matter who teased him or laughed at him.

Only his grandfather would enlighten him silently. He always said to him that the only way to change the situation was to be stronger.

Thus, he followed his advice. From then on, he became the head of the Cao clan, and no one dared to provoke him anymore.

No matter how he had messed the Cao clan up, he never bother his grandfather!

Although he had been wrecking the Cao clan, it did not suffer any real damage.

That was because he didn't want to made his grandfather in a dilemma.

Edgar took back his thinking and waved his hand, indicating that Leo could do as he said!

"Yes, sir!" replied Leo respectfully

Then, Leo dragged Hobson up. He thought that Hobson would yell at him just like Luke and his sister a few minutes ago, but to his surprise, Hobson was very cooperative and silently followed him away.

Then, Edgar strode out, followed by several retinues.

After a short while, there was only Crystal and Hannah left in the room.

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