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   Chapter 340 You Deserve It!

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She asked me what I saw? I shook my head nervously and said that I didn't see anything. She didn't ask anything and let me go straight.

As servants, the only way to keep a job is not to gossip. If you see anything that you can't see, you have to pretend to know nothing.

I thought this matter would have gone with peace, but a few days later, I unexpectedly heard the news of the housekeeper's sudden death.

I thought it was an accident, but a few days later, I saw the maids in my house, who were infected with some strange disease and were ordered to burn to death alive by Mrs. Cao, who said they were infected with plague! They had to be burned!

At that time, we servants' life was worth nothing. No matter who died in a mansion, got ill or committed suicide, no one would call the police. They would only give some money to the family members of those who died. What a mess.

At that time, I felt something was wrong. The butler and maids were dead, which reminded me of the incident. I surmised that it must be Mrs. Cao who had done it.

I will be her next target.

So I was in a panic. At that night, I secretly escaped from the Cao clan, but Mrs. Cao found that I escaped and sent people to chase me!

I ran away and didn't dare to go back home. I was afraid of getting them into trouble, but it didn't work!

I hid from them by pretending to be a beggar all the way, but when I ran back home, I heard that my whole family was set into fire. I heard from the street that my family was set into a fire because of the accidentally leaking gas. My whole family was set into fire, and they were all burned to death.

Gas? At that time, there was charcoal fire and firewood in my home. How could there be gas in my home?

I was so sad that I wanted to die at that time. I knew it was Mrs. Cao who hurt my family. By all means!

Hence, I wanted to sue Mrs. Cao, but before I could sue her, a ticket of court intrigued me. It turned out that Mrs. C

Ms. Helen and left her in the old yard to die. You even cheated Ms. Helen to get all of the shares owned by her. "

Hobson was so angry that his eyes turned red and was about to slap Hannah. Suddenly, a strong arm stopped him, "let her continue!"

Edgar held Hobson's arm and didn't let go.

Hobson felt a little bit painful because Edgar pinched him so hard, but he couldn't move!

"This bastard Hobson kept lying to Ms. Helen. He kept saying that he let his father the use imported drugs, but he didn't. He didn't even let his father take any drugs!"

Hearing this, Ms. Helen suddenly fainted.

The old man was the only thing she could depend on, but what happened now was totally different! Her heart hurts!

Crystal embraced Ms. Helen and shouted, "Ms. Helen! Wake up! Ms. Helen!

At this time, a figure suddenly rushed in and grabbed Ms. Helen. He carried Ms. Helen out of the room while saying, "grandma, I'll take you to the hospital now!"

Feeling a little confused, Crystal asked, "oh my God! Who is he?"

Turning around, Edgar replied, "don't worry. She will be fine."

Crystal replied, "All right! You may continue! "

Then, Crystal looked around. The subordinates of the Cao clan were utterly routed. Looking at Hannah who was nearly crazy, she smiled. It was time for her to show up!

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