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   Chapter 339 Tell Me The Truth!

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At this moment, Ms. Helen, not knowing how she stood up was only filled with shock and pain. She moved to the front of Hannah on the cane, trembled and point at her, "you... Finn, you... You forced Hannah to death... How could you be so cruel... How could you..."

As Ms. Helen spoke, she raised her walking stick and hit Angela. While beating, she choked with sobs, "you're such a vicious woman. Finn was your cousin. How could you be so heartless. She likes to follow you all the time. When you were bullied, she would be the first one to rush over to protect you. If there is anything good, she likes to leave it to you. She treated you so well, but what about you? "

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Ouch!" Hannah screamed and cried painfully. But no one helped her.

Ms. Helen's chest heaved with rage. She beat for a while and then stop for a while. Then beat for a while again. Her eyes were red. She had to beat this wicked woman to death today.

Everyone knew that she and her husband hated Finn very much back then, because Finn brought shame to the Cao clan. In this way, they had to drive her out of the family.

But, after all, Finn was their own daughter. No matter how cruel they were, it was impossible for them to really ignore their own daughter!

On the surface, they didn't care about Finn, but secretly, they would pay attention to her life all the time. They all knew whether Finn was happy or not in City A.

It was not until three years ago that they lost the news of Finn. At that time, the old master of the Cao clan was ill and she was so anxious that she ignored her condition. Later, Finn committed suicide. At that time, their power was controlled by Hobson and they were under house arrest. They didn't even see Finn for the last time.

They had thought that Finn chose to commit suicide because she couldn't stand the death of Scott, but they didn't expect that it turned out to be Hannah's conspiracy. They had conspired thousands of times to choose their daughter-in-law, Hannah. But she turned out to be so vicious!

Hannah cried, "Mu

ake her to the hospital. When I heard this news, I was confused because there were people at home. Besides, the housekeeper and I were also at home? Why did she say that there was no one at home?

I'm confused, but I don't dare to ask. After all, we servants only needed to do our own things. We don't dare to care so much!

But if I didn't ask Mrs. Cao, I was afraid that Mr. Hobson would blame me when he was back.

So I stayed aside and observed them quietly. After a while, I saw Mrs. Cao put a bottle of wine on the table and asked the cook to make two dishes of Western food for her and bring them to her room.

After a short while, Mr. Scott really walked into Mrs. Cao's room. And two minutes later, Mr. Scott slammed the door and rushed out of the room, scolding, "you are really shameless! Forget it! I love Finn. I will never love you! "

After he left, Mrs. Cao smashed all the things in the room. She sat on the sofa and drank to ease herself. I dare not come forward for fear of angering her.

I went back to my room silently. The next day, I thought that Mrs. Cao's anger should have been gone, so I got up early and was going to clean her room.

But when I went to her room, I saw that the housekeeper, who was not properly dressed, ran out of her room in a hurry.

I was frightened. I was about to turn around and leave, but Mrs. Cao stopped me!

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