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   Chapter 335 I Will Not Let You Go!

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Edgar asked Angela to continue. Hobson tried to stop Angela, but Angela was so naive to think that Edgar might really listen to her.

Hence, the girl stood tall, refined her waist, pushed her father away and said, "cousin, you don't know that Crystal comes back to the home of the Cao clan with my grandma. She did it on purpose.

you know what? She wants to marry Luke. And she shamelessly said that my brother is pursuing her, I think my elder brother must think that she is very beautiful, so he played with her and then dumped her. But she was unwilling, so she sneaked into our home to please my family! "

Then he leaned back against the sofa and squinted, "Oh, really? Is it really true? Anything else?"

Edgar's voice was calm, as if he was listening to a boring story. But one would feel his coldness if he listened carefully! It was as cold as ice.

Even Hannah, who was standing next to them, noticed the weirdness. To her knowledge of Edgar, he would never listen to others' nonsense for no reason.

Then, she moved quietly to the front of Angela and pulled the clothes of her. She deliberately reminded her, "all right, honey, let's not talk about it. It's time for you to go back to refine your make-up. Look at your discomfiture!"

Turning around, Angela slapped away her mother's hand and said impatiently, "Mom! What are you doing? Do you hope that Edgar be cheated by Crystal for his whole life? "

Usually, when people said that her makeup was ruined, she would surely rush back to her room to fix it.

However, at that moment, all she could think about was the scene that Edgar held Crystal and she even didn't care about herself now. What she wanted to do was to make Edgar hate Crystal and dump Crystal.

"Angela! Can't you hear it."

Before Hannah could finish her words, Angela interrupted her impatiently, "Okay, okay, I know what I'm saying!"

Angela thought that Edgar hadn't list

a filthy woman and bragging in front of her!

At this moment, the only thought in her mind was to kill that little bitch!

Crystal sneered, "you want to kill me! Do you think you can make it? You'd better think about how to explain to the police later about how you smuggled drugs. "

Crystal's words like a bomb, blowing Angela's mind blank in an instant! Her palms were covered with sweat and she was afraid, her mouth trembling, "you're talking nonsense..."

At the same time, everyone was shocked. They all had the same expression: Unbelievable!

Crystal glanced around the crowd coldly. Then she licked her lip and said, "I'm talking nonsense?"

Then she put her hand on Edgar's shoulder and acted like a spoiled child, "honey, she doesn't believe me, fine. I won't bother to explain. I'll leave the rest to you!"

Hearing that, Edgar wore a faint smile and said, "okay!"

Then, Edgar dragged Crystal to the sofa and made her sit down. "Have a rest here. Leave the rest to me. After I deal with the matters here, I'll take you to appreciate the beautiful spring lake of the Xia state. I've heard that it's very suitable for a trip with beautiful scenery!"

So Crystal just nodded and said, "okay! But I prefer to live in the Cao clan now. I think it's good here! "

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