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   Chapter 334 I Mean Her! Bitch!

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After Hobson finished his words, Edgar kicked the trash can under his feet away.

Unfortunately, the garbage can was thrown to Hannah's head. Hannah spent a lot of time in getting the most popular hairstyle.

Then they heard a scream, "ah!"

Hannah pointed to Edgar angrily, "Edgar! You... You bastard... This is in the Cao clan... How... How... How dare you... How dare you!"

Edgar heard the word "bastards"!

Suddenly, he laughed grimly and presumptuously, "I'm a bastard? Mrs. Cao, don't you feel guilty when you say this? 'am I a bastard or, are your children, which you are proud of, bastards? "

Edgar's emotionless words shocked everyone, and the most surprising one was Hobson. He asked anxiously, "Edgar, what do you mean?"

Hearing that, Edgar curled his lips. He said, "I didn't mean anything. I just mean what I said!"

At this time, Hannah was a little nervous. She hurried forward, held Hobson's arm and whispered, "my Lord, don't listen to Edgar's nonsense. What kind of person is he? Don't you know? He was trying to stir up trouble! He wants our Cao clan not to live in peace forever. Can you believe his words? "

Hobson said, rolling his eyes. He was right. He knew better than anyone what kind of person Edgar was. Edgar hated the Cao family! He was confused too. How could he believe what Edgar said?

He patted her hand and pointed at her, "you're right. Someone is just like a mad dog biting people as soon as she comes in. We're not like him!"

"You're right, my master. The mad dog is always a mad dog. If he doesn't bite, how can he be called as a mad dog." Hannah raised her voice.

At the moment, Edgar didn't want to stay here anymore. Now he had made up his mind to send Crystal to the hospital. He would make everything clear with them one by one sooner or later!

He turned around and was about to leave, but was stopped by Crystal with her head askew.

Looking at him, Crystal said in a low voice, "my medicine is in my pocket!"

Upon hear

oldness flashed across his deep eyes. He fixed his eyes on Angela's face, and said, "Who do you say is cheap!"

Looking at Edgar's cold and bloodthirsty eyes, Angela trembled with fear, but she still spoke out the discontent in her heart, "of course, it's Crystal! That bitch, she even wanted to... "

Hobson glanced at Angela and cursed in his mind, 'idiot!'!

He hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Angela back. "Honey, if you have anything that shouldn't be said, you'd better shut up!"

"Father, why don't you let me say! Maybe he hadn't known what kind of person Crystal was! Don't worry. He must be fooled by her brazen face. "

Hearing that, Edgar took a cold glance at him. With a faint smile, he said, "It doesn't matter. Uncle, please let my cousin continue!"

Hobson's heart jolted. He felt bad. It was the second time that Edgar called him uncle. When he had called him uncle for the first time, Edgar had burned his bedroom. Luckily, he was in Ms. Helen's room, otherwise, he would have been burned to death.

He had witnessed how much Edgar hated him.

The Cao clan was very rich now and could dominate the capital, but there was a saying that where there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to fear.

If Edgar was offended, he would avenge even he needed to destroy himself. Hobson was not that tough.

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