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   Chapter 330 Your Son Is Chasing Me!

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While waiting for the explanation of Crystal, Crystal was thinking in her mind, 'if I expose my real identity here today, the loss would not be worth it.'.

But if she pretended to be insane, Hobson wouldn't let her go.

After thinking about it for a while, Crystal opened her mouth and said, "Fine. The reason why I'm so sure is that I'm Lena. I'm the designer of The Love in Summer, Lena. And my name in China is' Crystal '!"

Crystal's words astonished everyone. They didn't expect that the woman who was hired by Ms. Helen was Lena, a top designer abroad? How is that possible?

Ms. Helen sat on the sofa, worried about Crystal. She knew how dangerous his eldest son was. She didn't want to make too much contact with him. In his hand, Crystal wouldn't get any benefit. Crystal might even risk her own life. She was really worried. Originally, she wanted to stand up and tell people that it was she who asked Crystal to conceal her identity.

But when she thought of that old man at home and that he had to take those imported medicines, she lowered her head in silence.

People might think that Ms. Helen was a pretty and of high status, but no one would know that she was actually full of sorrow.

It reminded her of the time when her husband was the master of the Cao clan and didn't hand over the power of the Cao clan before he suffered from Alzheimer's disease. At that time, they were given a glory.

No one would have thought that Ms. Helen and her husband had to adapt to their son's disposition every day. Only Ms. Helen knew how hypocritical her son was.

Ms. Helen drew back her thoughts and lowered her head.

At this time, Hobson smiled to Crystal gentlemanly and said, "Oh, Miss. Crystal! Nice to meet you! I've heard a lot about you. You know what? Miss Crystal is an internationally renowned designer, and countless men was in love with Miss Crystal, "

Fuck! If possible, Cr

was his son? The eldest son of the Cao clan. He was the future inheritor of the Cao group and there were countless women around him who wanted to have sex with him! How could it be possible?

But, if it was impossible, why did his son transferred ten million dollars from the bank a few days ago!

Crystal knew that Hobson might believe her at this moment. If he did, then there would be a good show coming. Since the whole Cao family wanted to give her a hard time, then don't blame her for turning the Cao clan upside down!

In fact, Crystal didn't know the eldest son of the Cao clan at all, nor did she meet him, let alone give him the opportunity to pursue her.

Actually Crystal didn't made up all these things. In order to please a woman, Luke did buy a villa for her. It was true, but that woman wasn't that Crystal.

Crystal swept her cold gaze through everyone present and sneered, "Dear Sirs and madams, Miss Angela and Miss Janie, maybe we'll be a family soon. I hope you don't take it to your heart in the future! I don't have any other hobbies, and my only hobby is to collect all kinds of luxury accessories and destroy them. Mrs. Cao, Miss Angela and Miss Janie, I think you won't mind my searching for luxury products in your room after I'm in, right? "

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