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   Chapter 327 A Loud Slap In The Face!

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Just as Angela finished her words, Ms. Helen slapped her hard.

"If you are the daughter of the Cao clan, you should have the courage to admit your mistakes. In the Cao clan, you are the daughter of the Cao clan, because you are backed by the Cao clan. If the Cao clan declined, will you still be so confident to say that you are noble?"

Ms. Helen said this loudly and clearly.

Even Crystal had a new opinion about her. She had always thought that people living in families like this were naturally arrogant and looked down upon others.

They were richer than the common people, so they had confidence in themselves. As long as their self-confidence kept growing inside their body for a long time, they would become naturally arrogant in front of others.

She didn't think it was a big deal, but she suddenly felt that the old lady in front of her was actually a little cute and sincere!

In fact, the truth was that it wasn't that Ms. Helen was adorable. After the choice between life and death, Ms. Helen got to know what was more important in life. When the rings of light were removed, she would be as ordinary as usual, without any wealth, or even worse than ordinary people. When all the good things disappeared, the only thing they could do was to wait for death. They even did not have the courage to struggle to get up.

Many years later, Ms. Helen donated all the things in her family to live a poor life. On the contrary, in the Cao clan, there was no intrigue or flattery. Instead, there were only the pictures of loving each other. Of course, this was just a later story.

Ms. Helen's heavy slap made Angela's head tilted to the side. Covering her face, she turned her head and looked at Ms. Helen indignantly, "Grandma, why did you hit me? Am I wrong? Who am I? Why should I apologize to a lowly servant? Isn't it ridiculous? Grandma, are you suffering from Alzheimer's disease just like grandpa? "

In her eyes, she was the future of the Cao clan. Al

dn't want to cause any trouble, but it seemed that they tried to provoke her and came here one by one.

Crystal glanced around the room coldly. Fortunately, the kitchen was big enough. Otherwise, it would become moldy if they all stayed here.

Crystal stopped thinking and looked at the woman. With a smile, she said, "Mrs. Cao, you must be kidding. I just want to teach the disobedient grandchildren a lesson for Ms. Helen."

That was right. The woman in front of her was Mrs. Cao and her name was Hannah. People all said that she was a lady of the Xia state. She was indeed beautiful. Although she is in her middle age, no wrinkles can be seen on her.

"Miss Crystal, you are an arrogant woman. Who do you think you are? How dare you teach the Cao family a lesson?" Hannah said, as if she had heard a joke.

Crystal curled her lips and picked her ear. Still these words. Crystal was tired of them.

She laughed and said, "Mrs. Cao, you are right. I don't have the dignity of Cao family's young masters, but no matter how cheap I am, I at least know how to respect the elders! But look at your distinguished daughter! She called Ms. Helen by the name and even cursed her to death. It is said that when the above behave wrongly the below will do the same. Did you teach your daughter to wear such a disrespectful look? "

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