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   Chapter 326 You're Playing With Fire!

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Glancing at Crystal, Angela replied arrogantly, "of course. If you can prove that we lied, I will definitely apologize to you in person!"

Crystal said indifferently, "That's all?"

"Then, what do you want?" asked Angela

Crystal spread out her hands and said, "I... I don't want to do anything. If what you just said is really what I did, then I will dismiss by myself and leave the Cao clan. If, I can finally prove that what you just said is the slander for me, my lady, should you kneel down to me personally to show your apology!"

Angela didn't say anything for a while.

At this moment, Janie hurriedly said, "Sister Crystal, how could you do that? Who do you think my sister is? How could she kneel down and apologize to you! Besides, what makes you say that we are slandering you? It's you...."

Janie said in a loud voice. She made it clear that she seemed to be defending Angela, but actually, she was saying those words to Angela.

She was reminding Angela of not being a coward. How could an outsider like her defeat the daughter of the Cao family!

This sentence, indeed, added fuel to the fire of Angela.

She held her head high and said, "Okay, I'll make the bet with you!"

In fact, Angela had long wanted to get Crystal out of the Cao clan, but she hadn't found the chance. She was so disappointed that Crystal seldom talked to them. In addition to preparing food for grandma, she went to her room every day to study the Barbie doll, which made it impossible for Angela to find a chance.

Since there was such a good opportunity today, why not make good use of it!

Seeing that Angela had been hooked, Crystal wore an enchanting smile and said, "Okay, Miss Angela is quite frank! Even so, I have no choice but to say sorry to you, my lady. Please prepare your knee! "

Ms. Helen didn't say anything in the whole matter. She knew

nd kept silent.

On the other hand, Angela spoke in an indignant tone, "whatever, granny, we don't have to care about what the servant said, do we? "

Crystal gave a cold look to Angela and thought, 'this girl is asking for trouble!

Now that Angela had made up her mind, she wouldn't stop her.

Thus Crystal said coldly, "you are right, Miss Angela. You don't need to care about what a servant said at all, but it seems that Miss Angela has just said that if you lose, you have to kneel down and apologize to me. Since the fact is clear, Miss Angela, what else do you want to say? Oh, it's no need for you to kneel down because of your dignity. But at least you should show respect to me by making a deep bow to me and say you are sorry. It's your fault. Is that okay?"

Crystal knew that this was the Cao's mansion. If she made Angela kneel to her, Ms. Helen would be the one who lost face in the end.

Even though she had saved Ms. Helen and Ms. Helen was really nice to her, the greatest scruple for people in this family was their self-esteem. This was in the Cao clan, so Crystal needed to take it into consideration.

"Do you think you are qualified to have me to apologize to you?" said Angela, giving Crystal a ferocious look

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