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   Chapter 324 Disputes Among Women!

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Updated: 2020-03-25 00:12

It was well known that Angela and Janie had a conflict with each other because of Angela's current husband. In the past, Garrett was Janie's boyfriend, but he married Angela, which was a permanent scar on Janie.

That's right. Right now, Angela and her husband always quarreled with each other because her husband always said that she was not gentle and considerate enough. Every time when she thought of it, the images of her husband and Janie being together appeared in her mind.

It was intolerable for her.

The two women all had their own plans. They looked at each other, and Angela seemed to be saying, "humph, I'll punish you later!"!

At the moment, Janie wanted to humiliate Angela. She thought that if she was not afraid of her status, she wouldn't stand her for so many years!

However, she still held a grudge in her heart. At the moment, she was as meek as before. She looked up and smiled awkwardly at Angela, "let the past be the past. Now that we are all members of the Cao clan, we should share the same hatred, shouldn't we?"

Janie pointed the contradiction to Crystal easily. Crystal was surprised at Janie's ability.

Crystal knew that Janie was not a simple woman, but she didn't expect that Janie was so wily. She attracted everyone's attention with just a few words.

Crystal thought that if she was allowed to choose, she would rather offend the arrogant and scornful Angela, and she didn't want to be against the scheming Janie.

It was not because she was afraid, but because she knew that once a woman like Janie was stuck with you, she would be like a viper, pestering you all the time.

Crystal didn't want to put herself in trouble. However, sometimes, even if she didn't want to, trouble would come to her, just like now.

Janie was right. Angela reacted quickly. Their problem was the home affair. Now

y have no other intention. You misunderstood me. My sister accidentally overturned your food. She didn't apologize to you and argued with Crystal. That's why I am here to seek justice for them! I didn't want to make a big thing out of it, but both of them said they were reasonable and couldn't reach an agreement ... "

Angela succeeded in blaming Crystal and Janie.

As for Angela, Janie was always her backup! She would always take the blame for her.

As for the way Angela did, Janie was furious.

However, on the surface, she was still obedient to the Cao clan's old lady and apologized in a low voice, "grandma, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have quarreled with sister Crystal. I'm sorry! "

On the contrary, Crystal didn't care about the fact that Angela treated her as a scapegoat. She had no intention to make friends with the family.

However, the reasonable look of Angela made Crystal unpleased.

Thus, she decided to add more fuel to the flames. With a smile, she said to the old lady of the Cao clan, "yes, it's all my fault. Crystal shouldn't have quarreled with Miss Janie. If it were not for Miss Janie who knocked over the lunch I cooked for you on purpose, I wouldn't have quarreled with her..."

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