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   Chapter 323 Talk To Him Slowly!

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If it were possible, Crystal wanted to give Janie a big round of applause and an outstanding performance award.

She didn't even to rehearse before telling a lie and she could burst into tears at any time.

Janie held on to Angela's arm with one hand and said pathetically: sister, you have to help me. I really didn't touch sister Crystal's thing. "

Crystal was no longer interested in Janie's pure and innocent character.

At this time, Angela turned around and said sarcastically, "my grandma said that you are her hired nutritious doctor. She said you were a health expert. Actually, you are just a cook. I'm so confused. What right do you have to teach the second daughter of the Cao clan a lesson! By the way, Miss Crystal, since you are a nutritious doctor, can you be more professional. How can you eat grandma's food stealthily! "

Squinting her eyes, Crystal glanced at Janie who was standing aside and seemed to be timid. Finally, Crystal fixed her eyes on Angela and said indifferently, "Miss. Angela, do you really believe in what your sister said?"

Turning the diamond ring on her finger, Angela sneered, "are you kidding me? I don't believe my sister. Do you want me to believe an outsider?"

Crystal spread out his hands and said coldly, "well, then I have nothing to say! I'm tired. I'm going back to my room. You two can have a good chat! "

Crystal's words made Angela unaware of what was going on.

Crystal's indifferent attitude made Angela feel very angry, as if Crystal was the owner of this place, and they were not important people.

Most importantly, Crystal was just a humble servant. How could she despise the eldest daughter of the Cao Clan!

With her finger pointing at Crystal, Angela shouted, "Crystal, you... How can you be so rude to me! You... How dare you! "

Crystal flipped her hair with a charming smile, "

red's face.

Jared was taken aback by the sudden slap. He wanted to slap Angela back, but when he thought of his purpose, he clenched his fists and resisted it.

"So what? Do you think I'm not as good as this fucking lowly woman? Or, do you think it's right for her to scold me? "

Jared wanted to say, "You? Bah! You think you are the daughter of the Cao clan and can squander money like water? Humph! Even you are rich, that's not a big deal!"

However, out of options, Jared still said reluctantly, "no, no..."

When Crystal saw the swollen face of Jared, she felt sorry for him. How brutal Angela was!

How could she turn a blind eye to Jared who defended her.

Therefore, Crystal walked forward, looked at Angela up and down, and then said sarcastically, "Wow, I didn't see it! Miss Angela really had a hot temper! Will your husband be afraid of you due to your bad temper! Will he think that he was blind to fall in love with you, such a tigress who is not as gentle as his ex girlfriend? Miss Angela, do you think so? Oh, by the way, I heard that your handsome husband, his ex was our cute Miss Janie! Do you think he regretted that he dumped Miss Janie and fell in love with you, the beautiful, smart and hot tempered lady? "

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