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   Chapter 322 War Of Words!

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Janie was astonished, "You... It's impossible! He has already... "

With a charming sneer, Crystal whispered in Janie's ear, "do you want to say that you have killed that servant who was disguised as a drunk driver and had a car accident?"

Hearing that, Janie looked pale and frightened. "You... Who on earth are you? How... How do you know that? "

At that moment, except for feeling shocked, Janie was also scared. At that time, Grandma Helen loved her sister very much and everything was handled by her, and she was always dominated by her. In the eyes of outsiders, no matter how considerate and obedient she was, they always love her sister. Even the man she loved before became her sister's lover after getting along with her and became her brother-in-law.

Sister! Sister! Why did all the good things belong to her sister, and she could only use what was left by her sister.

She hated it!

So one day, she tampered with a servant in the breakfast prepared by her sister, and she bribed him. After that, grandma began to hate her sister. As for the servant, she also took care of him herself. However, it had been years, how could Crystal know all these things?

Looking at Janie's expression, suddenly, Crystal was in a good mood.

She reached out her hand and fiddled with Janie's ear studs. Then she smiled and said, "how would I know? If you want others not to know, the best way is not to do. Walls have ears! Right, Miss. Janie? "

Now that Crystal wanted to stay in the Cao clan for some time, she investigated the family in advance. As a saying goes, "know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat."

In the Cao clan, Janie was the most hypocritical woman. On the surface, she was a lovely, and innocent girl. If it weren't for the fact that Crystal had investigated before and followed the clues to find out what she had done in the pa

l girl in the Cao clan, she had the best food and the best clothing. This was also the reason why she had always been arrogant and dismissive since she was a child.

Angela hated her sister very much. In her eyes, she thought her sister was cowardly and weak, and she was good for nothing. She would only cry when she was in trouble.

She looked at Janie with disgust and said, "but what? Are you bullied by the servants again? "

In other people's eyes, Angela was the elder sister of Janie, so she had to be considerate and tried her best to help Janie. Therefore, Angela couldn't leave Janie alone when something happened to her.

At the moment, Janie looked very aggrieved and said, "I've come here with a good intention to see whether sister Crystal had prepared the lunch for grandma. I had been thinking that since sister Crystal just came here, she might not be very familiar with here. Maybe there's something I can do. I want to see if there's anything I can help. But as soon as I came in, I saw sister Crystal stealthily eat grandma's lunch and even try to take it out to grandma. I couldn't stand it, so I boldly stopped her. However, I didn't expect that she threw the food away and said that I did it. I was rendered speechless. What should I do... Waah... "

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