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   Chapter 321 Kill Two Birds With One Stone!

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Crystal's instinct told her that people in the Cao clan must know about her mother's matter, so she decided to come here.

Another reason was that Grandma Helen treated her very well. After she saved the life of Grandma Helen, Grandma Helen began to treat her very well. She began to treat her like her own granddaughter. All of a sudden, Crystal felt what a grandmother was like.

Crystal had never felt any family affection since her mother died, except for her dead grandma Linda.

In fact, deep inside her heart, Crystal was eager to get such kind of things.

Crystal told herself that it was just a dream, a temporary one.

Let her feel the feeling of being loved by her grandma.

At this moment, a woman came in. She wore a long dress with pink lace, which made her look more graceful and cute. The dress was decorated with pearls and pink crystal. A pair of white crystal shoes stood on her feet, and she had a baby fat face and a pair of cherry lips.

Anyone who saw a girl like her would fall in love with her at the first sight.

The woman in high heels walked in. Seeing that Crystal was in a daze, she pursed her lips and said angrily, "Sister Crystal, what are you thinking about? Grandma said she was hungry. Have you finished? "

Then, Crystal suddenly raised her head and saw Janie. She smiled and said, "nothing. I have prepared the food for your grandma. I'll go with you now."

Although Crystal was a kind of maternal care expert, she was responsible for the food of Grandma Helen, and she didn't need to care about others.

Grandma Helen initially wanted her to visit the Cao clan in the hospital. After all, she had saved her life.

But Crystal refused coldly.

Crystal thought, as a guest, it was not very convenient. She might not be able to ask anything useful. After all, she was the guest, and people should be polite to her.

Therefore, Crystal decided to go to the home of the Cao clan as the nutritious doctor, so that it wouldn't be too much trouble if she did the investigation.

Crystal turned her back to Jan

shocked Janie.

Inspiration? Did she need inspiration to cook?

That wasn't the key point. Why didn't she just stand there in a panic and kneel down on the ground when she saw the food scattered on the floor? Why didn't she beg her to help her and ask grandma not to kick her out of the Cao clan.

At this moment, Janie could become a good granddaughter and take the things she prepared for her grandmother.

Most importantly, Crystal came to an end in the Cao clan.

And by doing so, Janie could not only be respected by her grandmother, but also be successful in defeating an outsider, Crystal.

Kill two birds with one stone!

However, Crystal didn't buy it at all. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

But before she could say something, she saw Crystal was getting off the apron and said flatly, "Oh, I forgot to tell you. Grandma Helen told me that she didn't eat anything except the food I made. I still remember that she once told me that she ate the dessert prepared by your sister and almost got a diarrhea. Although your sister was punished due to that matter, I heard that it was a servant who had done that, and..."

Before Crystal could finish her words, Janie said in shock, "how did you know that?"

The corners of Crystal's mouth lifted into a sneer. She said coldly, "I was the friend of that servant since my childhood! So.... "

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