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   Chapter 320 The Hatred Of Edgar!

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However, good things never come to an end. When Finn and Edgar were waiting for Scott at home, word came that the plane which Scott was in crashed. It was still unknown where the men on the plane were.

Finn was inconsolable at that time. She became a single mother, but at that time, there was no way for a single mother to survive in the society.

Her father could not bear to see her suffering.

Therefore, she was picked up and went back home. All the people in the family, including her parents, treated her with great respect before, but now they began to look down upon her. Thus, the 8-year-old son of Finn together with Finn was adopted by the Cao clan.

Not as arrogant as she used to be, Finn led a humble life in the Cao clan. On the surface, everyone was very polite to her, because she was still the daughter of the Cao clan.

But all the people sneered at and embarrassed her secretly. In fact, Finn was a very kind person. She was not good at scheming against her family. Therefore, during the past few years, she had a hard time, but what pleased her was that she had a smart and scheming son.

Although he was only eight years old, he was almost like an adult and had the responsibility to protect his mother.

It was at that time that Steven knew Edgar.

Later, Grandma Helen wanted to find her daughter a better husband. After all, she was her daughter.

However, Finn disagreed with her decision. During this period, among all the people present, Edgar was most sensitive. He had always believed that his father was still alive.

It was at that time that Edgar hated all the members of the Cao family.

Every member of the Cao family was disgusted with Finn's stubbornness and Edgar's attitude, especially Grandma Helen. She thought that her daughter came to her to pay off her debt in the previous life.

Whatever she said to Finn did not work at all.

She decided to turn a deaf ear to her.

She left them in the old house and didn't care about their live any lon

cious food for the people she loved and the people who loved her. She always felt a sense of happiness when she saw them eating the food she had personally made for them. She wanted to cook for her mother when she was a child, and she wanted to cook for her sister when she grew up. Later he wanted to cook for the man she loved. Until that time when she was pregnant, she had imagined waiting for her baby to come out. She would cook for it. If she didn't know how to do it, she could go and learn.

But until now, she had never achieved her dream.

Crystal looked around. The house was in the luxury, gorgeous European style. The lines were so delicate that they could be seen everywhere. The expensive and exquisite furniture and splendid design made this place like a Western Palace.

However, it was hard to find the unique romantic western style here.

Every inch of air here made Crystal feel strange.

This reminded her of a month ago.

That day, she went to the hospital to pick up Grandma Helen. She learned from Grandma Helen that Mora had known Ms. Cao for a long time. She and Ms. Cao were good friends.

They grew up together. And most importantly, Mora had something to do with the Xia clan.

The Xia clan?

These two words reminded Crystal of her own mother.

And there was also "Xia" in her mother's name.

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