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   Chapter 319 It Was The Past!

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Driving the car, Edgar looked ahead calmly, but only himself knew that he was very excited now.

He once heard from Crystal that her childhood was unfortunate. When she was a child, her only wish was to wear a beautiful wedding dress like a Barbie doll, waiting for a prince charming to appear in front of her and take her away from that place which made her feel painful all the time.

It was from Ivy, on the beach in C Town three years ago.

Later, she gradually realized that the only person in the world who could save her was herself.

Edgar knew that even though Crystal still had such a little hope, she had learned to become strong, to protect herself, and to fight back. Thinking of this, Edgar's eyes were covered with tears.

In the last month, nobody knew how much he missed Crystal. He didn't dare to sleep for fear that he would see Crystal in his dreams. Then when he woke up, he would be full of disappointment, which was really painful.

But sometimes, he really wanted to have a dream in which he could see Crystal. Such an idea was very contradictory. He could do nothing about it.

When Crystal left, she left her cellphone, which was given by Edgar. He didn't know where she was now!

Once in the evening, he went to Sorrow to ask Toby where Crystal has gone, but Toby also didn't know where she was! Even Eva came, Toby didn't tell him where Crystal was.

He knew that Crystal wanted him to wait for her in this city. He agreed that he didn't go to find her. He waited for a month, but it made him feel like he had waited for years. He thought that he could wait patiently for her to come back to him.

But he found that he couldn't.

Edgar stopped thinking. He glanced at Steven, who closed his eyes and held his seat tightly, and said, "do you think I should go home to change my clothes or change a new hair style? Well,

Clan. She was known as the goddess in the eyes of the noblemen in the capital.

Everyone thought that if the Cao Clan found a husband for her, it must be from the Xia clan which was well matched in social status.

However, no one expected that the daughter of the Cao Clan finally married a poor young man, Scott. And for this poor man, she was willing to cancel the marriage with the Xia Clan and get pregnant before marriage.

The Cao Clan was shocked by the news and didn't know what to do next. They were angry.

At that time, being pregnant before marriage was equivalent to being immoral and shameless.

Overnight, she changed from a fairy to a shameless bitch.

Then she became a heartless bitch in other people's eye.

As for the Cao clan, they felt so humiliated. Therefore, Grandma Helen was so angry that she kicked off Finn from home.

Finn cut off the relation with the Cao clan lived with Scott since then.

A few years later, Edgar was born. The three of them lived in a tile house that was less than twenty square meters.

Scott didn't have the heart to see his wife and son live a hard life with him. After careful consideration, he borrowed some money from his relatives and friends to do business abroad.

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