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   Chapter 318 She Is In The Cao Clan!

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Edgar leaned against the wall and said, "if I'm not wrong, there are two forces in the Xia Clan. One is that they don't want me to be in a relationship with Crystal, and they even use my parents as a bait to cut off Crystal from me. The other is that they try their best to kill Crystal at all costs."


Steven frowned and asked, "you mean there is a traitor in the Xia Clan?"

Edgar shook his head. "I'm not sure. I'm just guessing. If that young master of the Xia Clan doesn't want Crystal to have anything to do with me, why did he reveal Crystal's identity to you! The Xia Clan is heavily guarded. How would they allow you to get in there easily? He made Crystal's identity clear to you. On the surface, he wanted me to quit, but actually he wanted Crystal to have no other choice. "

Steven was somewhat confused. He scratched his head and asked, "Edgar, can you say something that make me understand? I feel that your words are so profound!"

Steven thought that Edgar should at least give him an explanation. However, his reply was just unexpected, "it's quite normal that you can't understand! I don't want you to know too much about it! "

Steven, "..."

Steven suddenly felt a sharp pain from his teeth! So Edgar just talked to himself and let him just be a listener who didn't need to reply.

'Damn it! Are you making fun of me?'

When Steven understood what he meant, he stopped. He pounded on the table and said angrily, "Edgar, really? Am I that stupid? "

Edgar rolled his eyes at him and said, "what do you think?"

Steven," ..."

"Well, suppose that I'm not smarter than you. Can you explain yourself when you chat next time?"

However, Edgar was not affected at all. He simply said, "it's all right. You can go now!"

Steven clenched his teeth, "Shit! Edgar, you... "

Seeing that Edgar was unwilling to talk to him, Steven got up angrily, kicked the sofa a few times and turned around to leave.

In fact, he wanted to kick Edgar. However, he dared

d, When Steven went downstairs, he saw a red Rolls Royce stopped downstairs. He quickly ran out and jumped on the car. Before he could get on the seat belt, he felt like it was flying, and the car rushed out at a high speed.

Edgar was driving at a high speed. Steven was so frightened that he had to lean on the seat tightly. Steven said in a trembling voice, "Edgar, can you drive slowly? I... don't want to die!"

Without looking at Steven, Edgar asked directly, "is she still in the Cao Clan now?"

Steven was a little stunned. He said: "who?"

Hearing that, Edgar became a little impatient. He said, "forget it. I will go there myself! Now that grandma is out of hospital, I have to show her my filial piety."

Steven's mouth twitched, "filial piety! Oh, my God! Edgar, are you sure that you don't go to the Cao family to stir up trouble! Do you go to see the old lady just out of kindness? "

With a helpless expression, Edgar said, "of course, there's nothing I can do if the Cao clan is in trouble because of me."

Steven gave a thumbs up and said, "very good! What a great liar! "

Edgar was annoyed by Steven's nagging. He snapped, "shut up!"

Steven, "..."

Well, he would shut up!

At the moment, Steven felt that he could only be mistreated by Edgar all his life! Besides, he was fucking willing to.

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