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   Chapter 317 Is It True

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Edgar stared straight at Steven, which made him a little scared. Steven cleared his voice and continued, "Edgar, can you stop glaring at me? Don't worry... And now my father... What he valued the most is my senior brother... Not me..."!"

Edgar stared at him for a while, then he drew back his sight and concentrated on the screen again.

He might have believed what Steven had said, but after the betrayal of Edward, he had lost his trust in anyone. At that time, he had felt that Edward was his closest brother. However, he was actually the one who desired to kill him most.

This was a serious scar after which his suspicion to anyone ensued, including his cousin, Steven Cao who grew up with him.

Speaking of Steven, Edgar and he were acquaintances.

When Edgar was a child, his mother would take him to his grandmother's home. At that time, Steven was very obstinate and unruly. When Edgar arrived, he almost drew everyone's attention because of his cute face. Even the servants preferred to take care of Edgar instead of him.

Therefore, he went to Edgar and ask for a fight angrily.

At that time, Steven was defeated every time he asked for a challenge. At first, Edgar even deemed him as an idiot. As time went by, they gradually became friends.

After being beaten, Steven went back and learn some new skills. He would then ask for another challenge the next day.

And their friendship was built at that time. Edgar remembered that every time he encountered a plot, it was Ste

's wrong with you, Edgar? '

When Steven was about to walk out of the door, Edgar stopped him. "Is it true? I mean what I told you to investigate for me."

Steven was going to leave without saying anything. However, he turned around without hesitation and kicked the door with a foot. He said indignantly, "I risked my fucking life and got this information for the Xia Clan. How could it be fake!"

"Do you have any proof?" Edgar continued

Steven strode over and said, "what the hell! Edgar, don't you fucking believe me?"

At the same time, Edgar also stood up, walked around the desk, sat on the sofa, took up the teapot, and poured himself a cup of tea. After drinking it, he slowly said, "it's not that I don't trust you, but that I don't think that the man in the Xia Clan could be so easy to divulge the secret."

Steven was impetuous. However, he had already got used to Edgar's attitude.

Steven thought for a while and said, "you mean that the Xia Clan divulge the secret on purpose?"

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