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   Chapter 316 Fuck Off When You Finish

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5615

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After saying that, the man turned around, walked out of the Famous Scholar's House, and stopped a taxi by the roadside. "Sir, please take me to the Luo group!"

Sitting in the car, the man cursed Edgar fiercely in his mind! Of course he knew where he was going to head to.

Edgar drove to the Luo group. When he got off, a taxi followed him closely.

Then Edgar walked straight into the Luo group.

The man who got off the taxi threw a 100 dollar banknote to the driver and turned around to follow Edgar.

"Edgar, do you really hate to meet me so much?"

Edgar paused for a moment and replied seriously, "yes, you are right. Get out!"

The man was a little annoyed and said, "Come on! I have something to tell you! Something important! Stop, Edgar! "

The man shouted and followed him.

He did not believe that Edgar would still ignored him again even if he followed Edgar into the company.

Then he followed Edgar upstairs.

Edgar walked into his office.

The man followed in, but was stopped by Leo, "who are you? Why are you following Mr. Edgar?"

The man dodged Leo and walked inside.

But Leo stopped him again.

The man rolled his eyes at Leo and shouted, "you bastard, let me in. I have something to tell you!"

Leo came to the company very early just to see if their boss was here.

However, when he arrived, he saw a man following behind their boss.

Obviously, Leo noticed how much Edgar hated that man.

So without hesitation, Leo stopped the man.

Sitting at his desk, Edgar opened and approved the files one by one.

Then he finished the last file and put it on the desk.

After finishing his work, Edgar raised

his disease. "

After Steven Cao finished speaking, Edgar kicked him with his foot and said lightly, " Don't insinuate. Tell me the truth!"

Steven Cao raised his eyebrows, "I'm telling the truth!"

Edgar sat down in front of his desk again and turned on the computer. He clicked on the information he wanted to check. After a while, he said, "cousin, since you are reluctant to tell me the truth, take your time and think it over. I will book a coffin for you on the Internet and send it to the Xia Clan."

Upon hearing that, Steven Cao almost knelt down. He immediately shook his head and came to Edgar with a smile. He touched his nose and said, "well, actually, I'm telling you that grandfather wanted to bequeath the property to you. He keeps saying your name, but my father disagrees with him. So my father ordered me to..... check your whereabouts! Ha ha. "

As soon as Steven Cao finished his words, Edgar gave him a cold glance, "Don't do this to me. You know what I'm doing? I used to be the one who saved you at every critical moment. I... I just came to tell you... You'd better be careful recently! "

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