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   Chapter 315 Fuck! Don't Act Like I Am Air!

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At nine o'clock, Edgar left the company. He drove on the streets of City A with, not knowing where to go.

He didn't want to go back to his old house which had been empty since he sent Hilary to the countryside.

Three years ago, there was Ivy and three years later there was Hilary. However, there was nothing there now.

After knowing the true identity of Crystal, he and her son couldn't appear in the sight of those people either.

At this moment, Edgar, like a ghost, had been driving for more than two hours everywhere. Finally, he stopped.

Seeing what was happening in front of him, Edgar frowned. He didn't get off the car immediately.

How could he come to the Famous Scholar's House without being aware?


This was the housing estate where Crystal lived. In order to live with her every day, he bought the house opposite to hers.

The environment here was not luxurious at all. It was just an ordinary building for families.

All people here were office workers.

Edgar got out of the car.

He entered the family building and took the elevator to the top floor. The elevator opened and Edgar walked out.

He stood at the door of Crystal's house. After ten minutes of hesitation, he pushed the door open and went inside.

The room was empty. It was so cold. Crystal hadn't come back since she left.

As there had been no one living here for a long time, even though the air conditioner and heating had been turned on, it was still cold and desolate.

Edgar looked around.

Fortunately, even though it was empty here, it was better than the old house.

Here, although he hadn't come back for a long time, he at least could feel Crystal in the air.

He saw the pooh bear on the bedside, which was left by Crystal. It was still there.

As far as the outsiders concerned, Edgar was in a calm mood without any ups and downs. However, only Edgar knew clearly that there was nothing to worry about except for missing her.

In the past, he always thought that the relationship between him and her had been passive

Then he went downstairs.

In the hallway, he bumped into a man. He wore a brown limited edition Khaki cap, which covered most of his silver gray hair, his fine greyish hair fluttering lightly, a pair of black rimmed glasses, a pure white T-shirt and a slender jeans.

The man brushed against Edgar. He stopped, turned around and said to him, "brother, can you walk? Take care!"

Hearing that, Edgar stopped his action of pressing the elevator button. He turned around and frowned at the man's appearance, "Why are you here?"

"I'm here for you. Let's talk!"

Hearing that, Edgar took a look at the man and said coldly, "I don't have time!" He turned around and walked into the elevator immediately.

The man quickly caught up with him and said, "Well, you don't welcome me?"

Edgar shot him a look in return. He said rudely, "hum, you are not welcome!"

"Don't be like this, bro. You can't kick down the ladder every time, can you?"

The elevator door opened. Edgar walked out.

Without stopping along the way, Edgar got into his car. The man quickly walked over and knocked at the door. He said, "why don't you open the door? You really don't want to invite me?"

Before the man could finish his words, he saw that Edgar's car started and then drove away in front of him!

The man jumped to his feet and shouted, "Edgar, do you think I am invisible! Just go? "

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