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   Chapter 314 The Cities Without You Are Grey!

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Crystal smiled bitterly at the dresser. Now she could only ask herself to be as mysterious as possible. She needed to cover herself well while going out. Who knew how long the antidote that Shawn gave to her would last? Maybe a few hours, maybe a few days. She didn't want to be treated as a ghost while eating outside!

Crystal took a pair of white gloves from her bag and put them on.

Then she called Toby in.

As soon as Toby entered the room, he saw Crystal's dressing and his eyes lit up. "What's going on?" he asked

Crystal blurted out, "I'll be out for a few days. I'll leave Sorrow to you!"

Toby wasn't surprised at all. Their boss always disappeared for a few days. It was not strange, but he was very worried about their master's health. He said, "Ms. Crystal, then your health condition..."

Crystal smiled slightly and said, "nothing!"

With that, Crystal picked up the key, turned around and left.

A month later.....

In the CEO Office of the Luo group, a man sat straight on his chair. The man was dressed in a straight white suit, and his eyes were without any ups and downs. His cold and hard features were gorgeous and thin, and the chill from his bones made people can't help but retreat three feet.

His desk was full of files.

He opened the file mechanically, and opened one page after another. He kept signing and closing it until he turned to another page.

At the same time, standing outside the door, Leo walked over and knocked on the door of the president's office after he breathed a sigh of relief.

He knocked at the door for three times, and there came a cold voice from inside, "come in."

Taking a deep breath, Leo opened the door and said, "Mr. Edgar, it's time to get off work. You only have a few cups of coffee at noon. Let's go back to the old house for lunch! "

That was right. The man sitting in the office was Edgar.

Taking a look at the unmoved Edgar, Leo bowed his head and sighed.

Dr. Zhou had told them that their boss w

was the warmth from Crystal. It made him wake up for a moment. He didn't want to hurt her, so he wanted to kill himself.

Until Crystal beat him from behind.

Until he fell into sleep.

Until Crystal tried the medicine for him.

Until Crystal said to him before she left.

In fact, he had felt everything.

She had been tortured to try the medicine for him.

He had cried. The drop of tear was true.

He really wanted to stop all this, as well as the silly girl, doing everything for him.

However, he couldn't move. It was like he couldn't walk out of his dream.

'Crystal, today is the thirtieth day since you left me. The city is still as usual. Everything seems to have not changed. Everything seems to have changed as well.

I seem to have changed, too. But I still feel the same.

Without you, the city is really... gray.

But I still remember what you said, "wait for me to come back. I'll hold my white horse and let you marry me!"

Crystal, do you think that I will leave you when you are ugly? You are really a silly girl.

Crystal, in fact, I want to tell you that no matter what you become, I will still love you.

Crystal, the only thing I want is still to travel through this city with you when our hair become white and we have a hunchback. It is the city that once belonged to us.

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