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   Chapter 313 Poor Lady!

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Holding the corner of her coat tightly, Mark said weakly, "I have been living in a lie, and I really regret that I have let down the good will of so many people in our group! Ms. Crystal, please don't drive me out of the Sorrow. Please bury my body in the Dragon Tiger Group. I don't know who my parents are. And I don't want to be a homeless phantom either! Let me return to the Dragon Tiger Gang, okay? "

Crystal sobbed and nodded. "Okay, I promise! I will send you back to the gang! "

Mark said powerlessly, "thank you, Ms. Crystal!"

Trying hard to wear a smile, Crystal said, "Judi, let me tell you. You are not an orphan, you have a family. From now on, you are my younger brother. Do you hear me?"

Crystal knew that Mark was a simple-minded boy. All his betrayal was due to his ignorance.

He was like a child who lacked family affection.

Mark hadn't expected that his boss, Ms. Crystal, had regarded him as a brother. Now he had a sister and he was no longer an orphan!

Judi laughed happily. Her smile was as warm as the spring sunshine.

"Sister! I finally have a family, I am no longer an orphan! "

He laughed and said, "thank you, my dear sister!"

Mark naughtily blinked and said to Crystal, "sister, get closer. I have a secret to tell you!"

So Crystal lowered her head and said, "Okay, go ahead. I'll listen to you."

Getting weaker and weaker, Mark supported himself with his last strength and whispered in her ear, "sister, that man...No! That one who help me to find my so-called parents named Mora! "

Crystal was shocked when she heard that. It was Mora, Mia's mother!

Mark put down his hand. Slowly, he closed his eyes.

When Toby and his men arrived, Mark had died. Holding the body of him in her arms firmly, Crystal did not move. Toby wa

wered it.

A familiar voice came from the phone, " Crystal, I'm going to leave the hospital. Come to pick me up and take me home

Crystal was speechless, "..."

How did he know her number!

Coldly curling her lips, she said, "Grandma Helen, what does it have to do with me that you are discharged from the hospital?"

Then she hung up the phone. Suddenly, she remembered what Mark said before. It was Mora.

All of a sudden, Crystal recalled the memory that Mora seemed to have an acquaintance with Grandma Helen before when they met in the anniversary party of the United Union. Maybe Grandma Helen could help her.

At the thought of this, Crystal picked up her phone and called the number again. When the phone was connected, she said, "Grandma Helen, you are such a poor lady! Wait me there, I am coming to pick you up."

Crystal hung up the phone directly.

Then she stood up and went to her own dressing room to change her clothes.

Crystal put on a white cap. The big black sunglasses made her mouth curve perfectly. She looked omnipotent and invincible, and the black casual clothes made her look mysterious and pure. She looked so cool that no words could describe her.

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