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   Chapter 312 Go To Hell With You!

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Everyone was shocked at Crystal's words.

Noah was shocked, "Ivy, what do you mean?"

Crystal spread her hands and said, "I didn't mean anything. I just mean literally. Didn't you say that you would keep playmates with me in the hell? Okay, I promise you! "

Then, Crystal commanded Toby and others, "Did you hear that? Why don't you get off? Do you want to be the third wheel here? "

Toby and his companions finally understood what Crystal meant. Ms. Crystal was saving them.

They were shocked because their master cared about them first instead of herself at this critical moment.

She was deeply moved.

At this time, Toby and the rest, including Mark, all walked forward and got down on one knee. They all said in unison, "I'm willing to live and die with you, Ms. Crystal!"

Their voice was very loud, echoing across the whole room. Even Noah was shocked at the scene.

He didn't expect that his childhood playmate could be so powerful now.

What kind of force was it!

Noah snorted, "Ivy, look at the men kneeling in front of you. I'm really curious about how you did that and why they are so supportive to you. I haven't seen you for so many years. I didn't expect that you are more and more good at seducing men!"

In the eyes of the twisted and dirty man, what he saw was always the negative side.

But everybody knew that the reason why Crystal was so admired and respected by her followers was that she was very decisive and tolerant.

She only cared about those people around her.

And Toby and others were fond of her personal loyalty, so when Crystal said those words, they were willing to live and die with her!

However, Crystal did not take Noah's words seriously. She sneered at him, "you insist that I am a tempting bitch. Fine, I don't think I need to explain anything to you, do I? You just want me to accompany you to death. You don't need to say anything more. "


Ignoring Noah, she walked towards Mark and squatted down, holding him in her arms. Then she said, "Mark, don't sleep. I'm taking you to the hospital."

Mark said with a weak smile, "I grew up as an orphan in the Shaolin Temple. Although they have always been good to me, I still envy those children who have parents. Every time I saw that their relatives came to see them, I envy them so much."

"Okay, okay. Stop talking. I'll take you to the hospital," Crystal interrupted, with tears in her eyes.

She found that the chest of Mark was full of glass fragments. She knew that the chance of survival for Mark was very small.

Mark smiled slightly and shook his head. He said, "well, I deserve more than death! I don't have much time left. Ms. Crystal, can you listen to me? I know I betrayed you first. I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I really treated you all as my good brothers, my family. I don't have parents, so I look forward to the feeling of family affection. When that person helped me find my parents, I believed him without hesitation. What's more, Mr. Li and his wife really treated me very well, which gave me a sense of kinship!

So I never doubt what that person told me. I always thought Mr. Li and Mrs. Li were my long lost parents!

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