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   Chapter 310 It Was Noah!

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And I have no obligation to tell you about that. I investigate you because I am interested in the persons behind you. Mark, you idiot. How you are used and cheated has nothing to do with me. Get it? Moreover, you betrayed me, and you betrayed the Dragon Tiger Group. You'll have a miserable ending. But since you're stupid enough, I won't bother to do anything to you. "

Then, Crystal loosened her grip on Mark.

"Shame on you, Mark! Get out of here! Fuck off! "

Originally, Crystal wanted to find out the person behind from Mark.

But just now, her mind was a little out of control, because Crystal saw her past from Mark. It was said that she was also used, cheated. At that time, she was very stupid. If Edgar hadn't protected her all the time, she might have become a dead body.

Therefore, Crystal was totally out of control. She was scolding Mark, as well as herself.

A few moments later, Mark finally understood that Crystal was right. He thought that everything was because of him. If he could be a bit more wise and cleverer, how could he be manipulated by others? And being deceived.

Mark walked up to Crystal, got down on one knee and said with regrets, "Ms. Crystal, I know I was wrong. It's all my fault. Please give me a chance. I will pledge my loyalty to the Dragon Tiger Group with my life! "

Mark thought, ' I know it's all my fault. I shouldn't have trusted the wrong person,. I'm the youngest in this group and everyone takes care of me since I'm young. Sometimes even Toby will help me.'.

However, he cheated Toby again and again. He had deceived his best buddy for so many years.

Right now, Mark regretted.

But Crystal didn't accept his apology.

For her, it was a betrayal. No matter what the reason was.

She wouldn't give any chance for a

s call me boss. You keep making mistakes, Noah! Don't you admit it? "

The man suddenly turned around and took out a pen from his pocket, aiming at Crystal.

He sneered, "how do you know it's me? !"

With a cold smile, Crystal said, "Well! You and I were friends since we were kids. It's not easy to change your nature, and it's not easy to change your aura. I can sense you."

Then the man took off his hat and a familiar face came into view. There were many scars on his face, which made it horrible.

Of course, it was Noah!

With a cold glance at Noah's ferocious face, she sneered at him, "Noah, it seems that you have had a hard time in prison!"

"Crystal, no! Ivy, you are so cruel that you just watched me being bullied by those evil prisoners. You did nothing! "

'if possible, I wish I could fucking kill you right now!' Crystal thought.

This must be the funniest joke she had ever heard. Did he think they were still friends? childhood sweethearts?

Now she and Noah were just strangers. Moreover, Noah had kidnapped her before. If it weren't for the sake of grandma Linda, she wouldn't have let him go!

But now Noah even complained for her. What a joke, wasn't it?

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