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   Chapter 309 Fool!

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Then, Crystal stood up and walked around Mark. After looking at him up and down, she stood in front of Mark, with her arms folded across her chest and one hand supporting her chin. She sneered and said, "Mark, you are not that good at lying!"

Hearing that, Mark smiled and said, "Ms. Crystal, do you think so?"

Then, with one more step backward, Crystal leaned against the desk. She took a look at Toby and said, "Toby, bring a cup of tea to him, and let him explain to us who exactly he is working for!"

Although Toby had no idea what Crystal meant, he knew that she was giving an order.

He nodded without any doubts. "Yes, Madam!"

Then, Toby turned around and walked out of the office.

After a while, there were only Mark and Crystal left in the office.

Then, she looked at Mark and said coldly, "Okay, Mark, who are you?"

Mark shrugged and said, "I said I work for the Cao Clan. Don't you believe me, Ms. Crystal?"

"Crystal, do you think I am a fool? You said you are from the Cao clan. I don't have any enmity with it, so why did they try to kill me? Mark, you said you were from the Cao Clan. Do you want to tell me that it was the Cao clan who told you to poison my tea and that they also instructed you to kill me in the Dragon Tiger gang at midnight, right? "

Mark was shocked, "how... How did you know that?"

Then Crystal turned around and sat back on the chair. She said with a cold smile, "Mark, do you really think that the tea in my hand was accidentally spilled on the ground by Toby? And that night when you walked into my room, you got diarrhea suddenly. Do you deem all these as accidents? "

Mark was surprised and stammered, "don't... you..."

" I rem

the paternity test between him and his so-call parents. It revealed that Mark was actually not the son of that couple, nor did he have a brother who owned a debt of 30 million. It was all planned by that man, the man who took advantage of him.

Mark fell on the sofa. He could not believe that. It turned out that everything was a lie.

Crystal walked to the sofa, looked down at Mark and said in a sarcastic tone, "what's wrong? Do you feel bad being used and cheated? "

Suddenly, Mark stood up. He angrily pointed at Crystal and said, "it's you! is it? In fact, you have already known my identity. You know clearly that I was used. But you just let me get trapped! "

Before he could finish his words.

Slap! Crystal gave him a slap in the face.

Immediately, the right face of Mark got swollen. He turned his head and glared at Crystal. When he wanted to say something, Crystal grabbed his collar.

Crystal said coldly, "Mark, do you think I should tell you the truth and help you get rid of lie?"

Then she slapped his face again.

"Mark, you are so naive. Do you think that you could get return? Fucking idiot!

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