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   Chapter 308 I Work For The Cao Clan

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Crystal was trying to restore her strength and wiped out the rash temporarily by taking the drug.

However, this kind of drug should not be used too much, it would make her addicted and eventually get lost in herself.

She knew very well that although Shawn said that he could detoxify her, Crystal knew that the chances were slim.

Because no one knew, in fact, she had been poisoned when she was very young. At that time, she did not know that she had been poisoned.

She only remembered that her stepfather always asked her to drink a bowl of water every day. The ordinary water was colorless and tasteless, but the water she drank was bitter.

She had asked her stepfather what was that?

However, her stepfather slapped her in the face. He said if she didn't drink it, he would torture her mother endlessly.

She had seen her mother beaten up by her stepfather cruelly. Therefore, she drank it obediently every day as she had been told. Although it was a little bitter, she felt that it was okay for her to drink it! At least her mother would not be beaten.

It was not until the moment Spencer had said he found out that she had been poisoned when she was in a coma three years ago. Because it had been too long since she was poisoned, she could only live for 20 years.

This was also the reason why Shawn said to her: Your Highness, I will spare no endeavor to detoxify you! " Crystal didn't care at all. For a person who could only live for 20 years, it was meaningless to be comforted by those words.

In fact, Crystal didn't know that she actually had been detoxified by the Magic Water, which Spencer asked her to take with the excuse to wipe out her personal emotion.

Then, Crystal took a glance at Toby and said coldly, "get up! What happened? Make it clear! "

"About two days ago, there was a news that Noah committed suicide in the prison. The guards w

n his mind. He said quickly: 'Ms. Crystal, a betrayer should suffer thousands of arrows penetrating his heart, and his body would be fried in a pot after that. "

Crystal nodded, "well, good! Do it now!.

However, these rules had never been taken into practice in the Dragon Tiger gang. They were all set by Tiger Head.

The former leader, Tiger Head, apart from being lecherous, he was also good at punishing his subordinates. As for the people who betrayed him, he was even more cruel to them.

Judi had been undercover in the Dragon Tiger Gang for a long time. He knew well about the means of Tiger Head and was afraid of those cruel barnacles.

The thought of those cruel means scared Mark.

He had witnessed the scene that those betrayers were tortured and mutilated by Tiger Head.

At that time, he was so scared that he could only screamed in his mind:' What a freak! '

Mark immediately said with a smile, "Ms. Crystal, you can ask whatever you want to know. I will answer truthfully and honestly!"

Crystal sneered and said, "you are really timid! Tell me, who on earth are you? "

"Actually, I work for the Cao Clan!"

Both Crystal and Toby were surprised by Mark's words.

'Mark works for the Cao Clan?'? How was that possible?

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