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   Chapter 307 I Will Wait Till You Marry Me

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Then Crystal turned around, came to the bedside and stood in front of Edgar.

She wiped the sweat off Edgar's forehead gently. With a smile, she said, "Edgar, you'd better wake up in ten days. Otherwise, don't blame me for seducing another man when I'm bored."

With these thoughts in her mind, she stretched her hand out and stroke his eyebrows softly.

"Don't you know that you are ugly when you are in coma?"

Then she leaned forward and gave a gentle kiss on Edgar's forehead. She said softly, "you don't have to look for me. I'm fine! Just give me some time. I will wait till you marry me.

Then she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and stood up.

She turned around and glanced at him. Then, Crystal said coldly, "is he really all right? Are you sure that all of his poison has been detoxified? "

"Yes, Your Highness. Please rest assured, Mr. Edgar is fine now. But his body was corroded by two kinds of poisons at the same time. Moreover, he reacted quite violently before, so his body is being recuperating himself for a long time."

Crystal nodded, "Great! Today, I'm going to leave for a few days. I hope you can stay by his side until he wakes up. If he asks about me, just tell him directly that he doesn't need to come to see me. I'll be fine! "

When Crystal was about to leave, she was stopped by Shawn. "Your Highness, but your body is still..."

Crystal interrupted, "I know, just tell me whether I can survive.

"Sure. But..."

Crystal waved her hand and said, "Well! That's enough!"

All Crystal asked for was only to survive and that Edgar will be fine.

"But, Your Highness, I suggested that you should not engage in strenuous activity..."

With a frown, Crystal interrupted, "don't worry. I won't abuse myself. I promise I will come to you when I can't hold on. But I don't want any

anything unusual about the person I asked you to keep watch on recently?"

Suddenly, it occurred to him what had happened two days ago. With a frown, Toby faltered, "Noah... Noah, he..."

She cast a cold glance at him and scolded, "Toby, you're so naggy recently! Well! Do you want to betray me? "

Betray? Toby had never thought of that.

Soon, Toby stepped forward, knelt on one knee and said hurriedly, "I dare not! I never meant to do that! "

"Then tell me now!"

"Ms. Crystal, Noah... He escaped from the prison," he answered respectfully after thinking for a while

Abruptly hearing the news, Crystal stood up in a hurry.

Because she was very feeble now, she lost consciousness all of a sudden and her body leaned forward. She almost passed out.

Toby stood up all and held Crystal subconsciously.

With a worried look on his face, Toby asked, "Ms. Crystal, are you okay! What happened to you? "

She shook her head, pushed him away and sat back on the chair. She took out a small bottle from her pocket, opened it, poured a pill into her mouth and swallowed it.

Dr. Zhou had given the drug to Crystal before she left. He said that the drug would help her regain the energy for the time being. .

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