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   Chapter 306 Who Are You

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Leaning against the chest of Leo, her head was cleared due to the collision just now. She pushed Leo away, staggered to the front of Shawn, ignoring the pain on her body, and said in a hoarse voice, "how is the result?"

Wearing disposable gloves, Shawn expertly took out the sample of poison from the device, and mixed it with the sample of Chronic Tox. As his eyes widened, he was shocked and excited. He screamed, "great! It works!"

When everyone heard this sentence, they were all very excited. Crystal was relieved. With a flash of tears in the corner of her eyes, she said lightly, "great, I can finally have a rest!"

Then, Crystal couldn't hold on any longer and fainted, falling down on the floor, everyone exclaimed, "Crystal!"

Still, Leo was the first one to catch Crystal. He furrowed his brows and cried, "Crystal! Crystal! Wake up! "

Shawn gave a hint to the nurses to take out the drugs, and then injected it into Edgar's arm.

Immediately, he walked to Crystal hurriedly, squatted down, and stretched out a hand, putting it on her wrist. Then, he looked at Leo, and said, "hurry up! Hold her to the sofa. I will cure her."


Then, Leo put Crystal on the sofa slightly.

Shawn came over and injected the remaining antidote into Crystal's body.

After a while, his brows were scrunched, and he was shocked, "how could it be? !"

Shawn looked at Crystal in confusion. When he saw her grey hair, he was shocked. "Crystal? How could this happen?" he asked

Allen closed his eyes sadly, Shawn said seriously, "I've told you, this kind of test is risky. It's true, but fortunately, at least, Crystal is still alive, but"

"But what? "

Shawn sighed, "we wo

"who are you?"

In fact, she didn't know who Shawn actually was. Her tears dropped on her wrist when he tried the medicine for her.

On her wrist, there was a butterfly birthmark. When Shawn saw it, something unusual flashed in his eyes, and such abnormality was captured by Crystal.

Therefore, she did not feel surprised about his action just now!

"Your highness, I can't tell you my real identity now. But I am on your disposal!"

Since Shawn didn't say it, Crystal wouldn't ask again. "Well, if you don't tell me, then tell me who I am!"

However, Shawn still kept silent. He stammered, "I... I can't tell you!"

Crystal glanced at him coldly and sneered, "Well! Get out! "

"Your Highness, the reason why I didn't tell you is that there is something dangerous involved. It's not the time to tell you now. But I promise that I will never betray you!"

Crystal knew that a man like Shawn was very arrogant. Crystal would believe what he said now was true!

So she dropped the topic.

Crystal was aware that there was something she had to solve by herself! Fine! Anyway, she decided to dig it out on her own.

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