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   Chapter 305 Crystal! No!

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Then, Shawn asked another nurse to take out another poison from the case, inject it into Crystal's arm, and then draw a tube of blood from her and put it on the testing device, waiting for the result.

All the people present were waiting for it.

They felt themselves so cruel. They had seen the poison attack again and again with their own eyes. They were not able to do anything and waited to see the result.

About ten minutes later, Crystal's body turned from red to normal complexion. However, all of a sudden, she curled up her legs, and leaned against the sofa, and buried her head in her knees, muttering, "it's so cold, so cold..."

Every bone in her body was as painful as being stabbed. She bit her teeth and gradually found that her body was so stiff that she couldn't even move her head.

At the same time, Shawn walked to Crystal and grabbed her arm, pulling out a tube of black blood from her.

In this way, Crystal would have different symptoms by every poison testing.

At this time, Shawn was sweating nervously. He had already tried the ninth poison. Just now, he had worked out the element of Chronic Tox.

What was worse, he also found out that he was unable to use a certain kind of poison to offset the Chronic Tox. There was only one kind of poison left. At this moment, he was worried. What if it didn't work.

For all these years, Shawn had never been as uncertain as he was today. The rejection mechanism had already functioned within Crystal's body. There was both heat and chill reacting in her body, which had even beyond a man could endure.

Crystal tried hard to clench her own head just to tolerate the pain. Tears were welling up in the

efore she could finish her words, she suddenly felt a burst of pain from her body, which spread to her brain. She held her head with her hands and shouted, "it's so painful, goddamn it! Ah! It hurts! "

Then, the pain became more and more frequent and stronger, and she hit her own head with her own hands

Leo walked forward and tried to hug Crystal. But when he was in front of her, he saw Crystal abruptly pulled out the dagger, trying to hurt herself.

"No! Crystal! No! "

With a shocked look on his face, Leo suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the dagger from Crystal.

The people around said quickly, "hurry up! Catch her! 'Fix her. Draw her blood now!'! Hurry up! "

As Shawn spoke, he took out the syringe and inserted it into the Crystal's arm, and drew a tube of blood from her quickly.

Then, he put it into the testing device, waiting for the results.

Crystal struggled to get rid of Leo's control, and staggered to hit the wall before everyone realized what was happening.

Bang! Suddenly, her forehead was bleeding.


Leo ran fast and hugged her when Crystal fell down.

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