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   Chapter 304 Crystal, Hold On!

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Crystal knew clearly that they had to say 'yes' with her kneeling.

But Crystal found that her stiff body could not move. She looked at the crowd and smiled faintly. "Could you help me up? I seem to be unable to stand up again. "

When she said this, her tone was very calm, but it made the people around even more sorrowful. It hurt so much.

Two nurses behind Shawn quickly walked up to and lifted up Crystal.

However, when they helped Crystal up, they saw the bloody wound on her knee. The nurse gasped. She had bandaged countless patients for so many years, but when she saw such a terrible wound, her face couldn't help turning pale.

One of the nurses quickly brought the medicine box, and bind up the wound for Crystal.

Crystal didn't refuse her directly because he knew that she would have a lot of things to face in the following. At least for the time being, she could not be defeated.

Then the nurse instructed Crystal to take a antipyretic. Even Crystal herself decided to examine the medicine for Edgar, the only thing they could do was to make Crystal healthy again before it.

Shawn walked over. He looked at Crystal and said solemnly, "Crystal, I'm asking you again, have you really made your decision?"

Leaning against the sofa, Crystal tried to relax herself and keep her strength. She nodded, "well, I've decided. "

Shawn sighed and said, "Okay, but you have to follow my suggestion in the following three days. In these three days, you will have to suffer from all kinds of pain. When you have to try all kinds of pills. Moreover, you need to take the same po

shouted, he found that he couldn't make any sound at that moment

At this moment, he felt that he was so weak that he couldn't even protect his love.

Such a dream would never be erased from his mind

At the same time, after drinking the Chronic Tox, Crystal had an abnormal condition. At first, her body was burning like fire, and she held her head on the sofa, trembling. Her whole body was as red as fire, terribly horrible.

At the same time, looking at Crystal, Shawn said, "Crystal, now you are also poisoned. In order to make you the same condition as Mr. Edgar, I put another injection to stimulate the poison in your body. Crystal, do you still know what you are doing now?"

Crystal looked at him with red eyes and nodded. "I know, you can continue..."

Shawn nodded and said, "well, now I'm going to inject you with the first poison, which will make you feel as cold as ice. Crystal, you have to stay with it!"

Crystal clenched her hands and nodded.

Standing aside, Leo felt his heart was twisted for his worries about both Edgar and Crystal.

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