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   Chapter 302 I Have Only Thirty Percent!

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"And, thank you for giving me the sample. As a return, ..."

Before Crystal could finished, suddenly, a scream came from the room!

When she came out, she sprinkled all the nails that had been pulled out from her knees on the sofa.

'humph! You almost broke my legs! I'm gonna wound your ass.'!

If it weren't for something important to do, how could Crystal let Mia off so easily? 'But I will pay Mia back in the future, ' Crystal resolved!

Crystal turned around and walked to the elevator. She pressed the button and raised her head. When she saw the number on the opposite side of the stairs, she cursed Mia in her mind, 'damn it! This is the twelfth floor! That is to say, she went up the twelfth floor by dragging her broken legs! Damn it! damn you! She would have died many times if she hadn't been so persistent!

Crystal walked out of the elevator and took a taxi by the roadside...

Crystal sat in the taxi with an indifferent face. At the moment, her hair was wet, and her face was pale. Her lips were bitten and bleeding. She looked like a female vampire who had just drunk blood!

The driver, who was sitting in the front seat, turned his head and glanced at Crystal. He shivered with fear and almost jumped out of the seat. He said, "... Girl, where are we going! "

In fact, Crystal was very weak at the moment, especially after she got the sample of acid lump. She immediately felt relieved. After her body was put down, she began to feel all kinds of pain. Her body was still burning with the headache and the ache of the whole body. Especially the wounds in the knees, collapsed again with the burning pain.

In fact, Crystal really wanted to have a sleep, but she didn't dare to do so. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to wake up once she slept. She slightly raised her head and glanced at the driver coldly, "master, please send me to the Famous Scholar's House..."

The driver grasped the steering wheel with his trembling hands. He was so scared that he really wanted to faint. He saw a pair of bloodstained eyes. Shit! It was creepy!


ce, he cleared his throat and said, "I have only thirty percent of it! After all, I haven't done this experiment. I'm not sure whether it will succeed or not. I can only say that I have to try my best in one stroke! "

Shawn glanced at Edgar who was lying on the bed and continued, "this is the only way. It's frolic acid, and there is no antidote. The only way is to use the poison to attack poison. If it is other poison, I can be sure of it, but I can only say that it can only be said by thirty percent. It is said that Mr. Edgar has been poisoned for three years, and the poison had been into his internal organs. It's a miracle that he can survive. But I don't know if he can withstand the impact of this poison and another kind of poison in his body. If he can't withstand it, he will die directly"

Crystal nodded coldly. Shawn had mentioned it to her, and now he mentioned it again, because he wanted to tell her that it was very dangerous to save Edgar. If he died directly, it was reasonable and it had nothing to do with him.

All of a sudden, the room fell into silence. At the moment, Leo did not know what to say, because he knew that the only one that could make decision here was Crystal.

Everyone was silent

A few moments later, Crystal finally came out of her mouth. She looked at Shawn seriously and said, "if we try the medicine for him, will the probability be higher? "

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